The Forbidden True Knowledge of the Fallen Ones

Part One: In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was The One, Logos, the Will. In his mothers womb Logos floated, blind and alone, feeling and Knowing nothing.

In his utter Loneliness The One, shouted into the Void that was the womb. His mother, Sophia also Known as Achlys, ripped open and screamed in pain, her pains caused Vibrations that tore The One in twain. The Demiurge and his Dark Shadow Astaroth were born, neither being good nor evil, but a mirror of the other... now at a complete loss, for they had lost that which had made them whole.

In her convulsions of pain Achlys also gave birth to The Sephir- The Archons, and the Qliphoth- The Angels of Death... At this time there was no function to the Archons and Angels but to provide company for the twin Gods. Astaroth took unto himself the Angels, and The Demiurge took to himself the Archons, to rule over thier domains.

During the times of these manifestations The Demiurge and Astaroth tried everything, in vain, to reunite themselves, they battled for eons, carresed each other for time untold, but the damage was done. But from the blood of their Battle and the seed of their coupling, came forth the the first order of Nephilim, Adam Kadmon borne to the Blood of the Demiurge... and Lilith from the Seed of Astaroth.

This Adam And His Consort Lilith were Violent lovers nearly killing one another in each of their sordid rapes...

In the original Nephilims passions the second order of Nephilim were formed. these were to be the First order of "heavenly" angels, and they numbered 400. These Angels were later to be worshiped throughout the world as Gods.

Lilith also coupled with her own creations and the Others in the Host as well as Adam Kadmon. She became known as the mother of monsters, creating the 823,543 Lictors in her union with Malkuth.

Thus was made the Host of heaven...

The Demiurge and Astaroth became embittered with each other and themselves and quietly withdrew from one another, the pains of their separations far to much to bear. Astaroth Created his Inferno and The Demiurge went to his Heaven.

While the Demiurge Created his First Man, Adam... Astaroth Plotted against The Demiurge and his Host... he and his Angels of Death planted the seeds of a revolt against The Demiurge. He did not want the Demiurge dead, merely to suffer hideously for the eternity they would be apart.

So in time The Demiurge Created Mankind in the Shape of Adam and Eve, and planted them in Eden, it was then that the Demiurge felt his first sense of Joy at what he had done. Adam and Eve were happy and set about creating man and beast to multiply over the earth.

Adam was given the task of creating the beasts of the earth, and he did. He created the Lions to roam the grasslands, The Dragons to soar through the air, and the Leviathans to rest in deep waters. Eve, also known as Zoe, took to her task and made humankind in the image of the Demiurge.

Mankind florished in their Paradise. Mankind was happy, but totally ignorant of all the ways, for The Demiurge had not let them know of Pain and Death.

Astaroth, Angered intensly by his companions Joy and skill, took the seeds of rebellion and made them grow, he rose up an army of Nephilim to fight the forces of the Demiurge, fermenting the quiet peace of heaven.

Of the Angels Fully one half, 200 Nephilim, rose up against The Demiurge and his Angels. The War in Heaven was long and the cost was great, but in the end the 200 that had risen up against their master were cast forever from Heaven, and cursed to wander the earth. But the Demiurge in his rage had made a mistake...

These Angels fell to earth, built great things, and mingled with mankind... The Nephilim created relationships with them, interbreeding and creating the race we know as the Grigori...

The Fallen taught the tribes of man the nature of Chaos, Death, and Destuction... the every things The Demiurge had forbade mankind to know.

In the Demiurges Anger at what his creation had learned, he attacked and raped Eve who would later beget a son, the Nephilim named Cain.

After he was done He rose up against mankind and Blinded them to reality and paradise forever.

The Grigori, The Demiurge Cursed with a never ending Hunger.

But he did not Blind all men, to those who had remained faithful he let them keep his gift, and he brought them with him to heaven to live Like Angels. These beings would later be called Nepharites and would become our tormentors.

Adam and his wife Eve, now blinded and Cursed lived out their lives in pain, Having many children, the First of which was Abel. They raised their sons together. But Cain, bring the product of rape was disliked by his parents and his brother Abel, upon reaching adulthood Cain Took Abel out into the desert and slew him, feasted on his flesh and Left the sanctity of his Parents "love".

Many years later, News of this virgin Birth Reached the ears of Soloman, Knight Incarnate to Kether. He sent entire Armies to find Eve and her son, Cain. Solomon knew that if the child was allowed to live it could spell disaster for portions of the illusion.

But Cain was clever, After wandering the Land of Nod for some time, he came upon the Cursed Grigori. Cain assumed leadership over the Grigori Married one of their kind, and Created the great City of Enoch in honor of his first Son. Cain tricked the armies of Solomon that were sent to find him and his mother. He Welcomed the Armies in to his City, treated them well and Gave them what they thought they wanted... A Virgin Grigori and a Young man.

The Armies returned to the Temple of Solomon with their prize, Solomon the King took the child and ate him. As for the Young woman, he let his Lust take her, and she was raped, by Solomon and his armies. The Young woman became pregnant and escaped to the Desert.

There, the young woman was taken back into the fold of Enoch and gave birth to the child of lust, Cain accepted the child as his own

End of Part one.

Reality Is A Lie The world around us is a false facade which hides a more frightening reality. Our senses are not acute enough to sense the true world. Our Minds are too fragile to handle a confrontation with the outside reality. We unconsiously sort away most of the information around us, and see that which does not disturb us too much.

Our World is a part of a larger reality. It isn't entirely false, only incomplete. There is probably no true reality, but several, like facets of a jewel, Our cities are the quiet back streets of Metropolis, The origin and model of all cities, beyond time and space, Metropolis is a never ending city of winding alleys and dark skyscrapers in stone and steel. Most of the city is invisible to us Only the Most harmless pieces can be glimpsed in our great cities. Our cemetaries and death camps are also fragments of the larger reality, they are the anterooms and foyers of Inferno where we normally go after death to forget.

Since we only percieve a fraction of the true reality, we often fail to understand how the world works, what is cause and effect. We see a random car accident, when in reality the driver was harassed to death by Azghouls, or subconsiously sought death to escape a curse. We see a fire and look for a pyromaniac to blame, when in reality it was our own hatred that rended a hole and brought forth the fires of hell.

It is our minds and senses which maintain the illusion. when we begin to see the world in a different way, we can precieve those things that we were not aware of before. But only a lucky few manage that, Most of us go insane if we are forced to see beyond the mental barriers.

There are some places and situations which force us to see the truth whether we want to or not. Where the most horrible things are real, in torture chambers and death camps and asylums, the illusions are shattered and we see through the lies. Murder and war, illness and extreme emotions can also force us to see to clearly.

Mankind Has not always been ignorant. Before the dawn of history, they had senses that could percieve the whole of reality. They were born as gods, with power over their existance, they were immortal. This was before the Demiurge saw fit to imprison them.

It was the Demiurge who imprisoned you, who blinded you so long ago. Nobody knows why he did it. Nobody even knows who he is...or was.

Some say he created the world, or at least what we see now. He called himself the creator. Perhaps he imprisoned humanity because they threatened his power, perhaps they broke some rule of his, no-one knows for certain... or at least no-one is speaking if they do

Nobody knows for sure who the The Demiurge is... or Was... In Fact few can even remember him. He began to withdraw in the 19th century, and has not been seen since the second World War. Soon after his disappearance the memory of him began to fade. As if history was reshaping itself, assuming a form it could have had if he never existed. Of all the inhabitants of Metropolis, only Astaroth, the Archons, a Few Angels of Death, Anacalypses and beings from beyond our reality still remember him.

The Humans are among those who have memories of the Demiurge, perhaps because our history is so closely tied with his.

In the center of Metropolis there is a square hole in the ground, several miles across and deep beyond measure. This Hole has been named the Abyss. The Abyss is where the Demiurges Citadel once stood. Archons and the Lictors can tell us about when the Demiurge ruled the cosmos from his Tower which existed simultaneously in all worlds. But memory fades quickly and only the most powerful in Metropolis remember what the Citadel even looked like.

Several Curious Beings have descended into the Abyss to look for traces of the Demiurge, but none except Astaroth have returned. There is a Mystic Human group called The Seekers which is looking for the demiurge using all possible means. They have sent two expeditions down into the Abyss but none have returned.


thanks to Rameses for sending me this.

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