Stalking Tender Prey:  Book One.
Owen and Lily Winter are twins, living a quiet life in Little Moor.  Owen and his friend, Daniel are beginning to discover 
new aspects of their relationship, while 
Lily is solitary, relying on Owen alone for companionship. 
Into this triangle comes Peverel, a strange man, with no memory of his past. 
He confuses and divides the twins while searching for something in the High Place that he longs for but does not truly recognise.

But the people of Little Moor know what Peverel is and they want what only he can give them. 


Scenting Hallowed Blood: Book Two.
Eascaping the consequences of the events at Little Moor, Peverel Othman arrives in Cornwall where others of his race reside.

These grigori wish to awaken the old powers that lie beneath the cliffs, but it is only Shemyaza who can do so, at the same time awakening himself to the possibilities that 
his power presents.

Stealing Sacred Fire: Book Three.
The fallen angel Shemyaza returns to his ancestral homeland to awaken the ancient power.  The freedom fighters who protect 
the sacred ground from the ravages of modern greed and dictatorship, help him achieve his goal.  Aided by his reluctant vizier, Daniel, Shemyaza must struggle to come to the power that is rightfully his, 
and with it, understanding of what he must be. 

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