Character Mythology
by Mithuma 

Let us now speak of the more supernatural beings contained within the Grigori Trilogy and again we begin with the most influential one. 

Shemyaza, also known as 'Azazel'.

He is the eternal martyr to the knowledge humanity was given.

Once one of the favorite sons of Kharsag, he fell into the arms of a human woman, Ishtahar, and gave her knowledge that was forbidden amongst mortals. As a punishment Shemyaza was cast down from Kharsag to roam among mortals.
Still, he would not go quietly - he, and those cast down with him, had children with the women of earth.

Hence the beginning of the Nephilim reign.

Shemyaza was at the head of the mighty Nephilim army, which was close to unstoppable, until the high lord Anu again intervened.
This time Shemyaza was not to have another chance - he and the woman he loved were condemned, as were his half breed sons. Ones' fate worse than the other.

The Nephilim were drowned in that infamous flood that was Anu's fury. Ishtahar was condemned not to die but to live with all that had and will happen.
But Shemyaza was to endure the worst fate - to be burned alive and then have his soul hang upside-down in the constellation Orion for all eternity.

Fate has a habit of changing things and so, at a ritual performed by Peverel Othman at the High Place, Shemyaza is again given passage into this world.  Now free from his starry prison he can set about re-opening the star gate.

Ishtahar the temptress of angels, first lover of Shemyaza:

"I am the oracle of my people, the gate to the starry firmament. Without
women of my kind, the knowledge and science that the Annanage teach us cannot
be practiced. I am sacred."

She however soon tires of this life for it is the men of the tribe that look upon the Anannage - the women are not allowed.
Ishtahar has glimpsed the tall shapes through cracks in the walls but never more than that.

One night Ishtahar challenges all that she has been taught - "give me the knowledge" she screams silently at the high place, where the Anannage dwell, and without delay the knowledge is placed in her eager hands by an equally eager Shemyaza.

The Elders are mentioned in most detail in 'Stealing Sacred Fire' they are the ones who built the chambers of light to commune with the renowned Old Ones and the Source itself.

Here is an extract describing the appearance of the Elders.

"He could not see the elders clearly, but could sense their appearance. They were taller than he was, and clad in belted robes of turquoise linen. Their long white hair floated on the air, as if they swam in a sea of ether. Their eyes were an unnatural, cerulean blue, which was the result not simply of pigment but of radiance that filled the entire socket. Their elongated faces looked like masks. Even the pharaoh Akhenaten in his wildest excess of self representation had looked more human."

Now a brief description of a few other figures. Kerubim are introduced in "Stalking Tender Prey" they are presences invoked by Grigori to do their bidding - they are hardly ever seen, but when they are they are usually gigantic and birdlike. They can be invoked to protect someone or someplace, like Long Eden, that is not to be disturbed.

In 'Scenting Hallowed Blood' another form of guardian is introduced, this time taking on the appearance of a lizard like humanoid creature that guards Mermaids Cove.

The Emim are similar but different in appearance again - they are more human in form but still retain eagle like talons and pointed teeth, this along with their elongated features and fierce eyes they truly deserve their title - Emim - The Terrors.

Another 'minion' of the Grigori are the Djinn, those from the fire.
They are mentioned in 'Stealing Sacred Fire', Nimnezzars' magicians apparently invoke the djinn to inhabit the bodies of soldiers and thus use them to fight for Nimnezzar.

They're are also rumored to have helped build Nimnezzars palace and temples in (the new) Babylon.

The Cosmic Serpent is often referred to also - this is a figure of mythology also.
The serpent that binds Shemyaza in its coils, and again as the serpent whose gaze Shemyaza must hold inside Azumi.

Azumi is a rock cliff that has the appearance of a lions head and the place where the Anannage landed eons ago. This is also the site where Shemyaza enters the underworld and emerges fully aware of who he is and what he must do, finally.

Also The Feathered Serpent is a prominent figure within the trilogy, and not just therein.
The feathered serpent and snakes in general are also a dominant feature of ancient religion in the real world.  The feathered serpent apparently being the symbol of the 'as above so below' principal.  The perfect merging of sky and ground. 

For complete information on the Nephilim see "The Grigori Cometh" (Stalking Tender Prey' - xv)
The best place to learn of Shemyaza's past is in 'Scenting Hallowed Blood' - 'Fall,Sweet Sacrifice' page 238

To learn of Ishtahar's past see "Stalking Tender Prey" - ' Ishahar' - page 596

One of my personal favorites in Kerubim appearances is 'Stalking Tender Prey' page 630 to 631 the best description though will be found in 'Heir to a Tendency' (The Oracle Lips) and for further reading on Emim go to 'Scenting Hallowed Blood' page 117 'The lord of Terrors'.

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