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Book of Nature

In nature, everything is balanced. Positive and negative are the driving forces of the universe, as seen through protons and electrons. These "positively" and "negatively" charged ions aren't good and evil. So then why do we see positive energy in magick as "good" and negative energy as "bad"? Seeing as both positive and negative are what creates everything we can conclude that if negativity is as neccissary as positivity in nature, and negativity is not evil, then there is no such thing as evil in the natural world.
This is true. Nothing that is of nature can be evil. Unfortunately, as humans, we can create evil within ourselves, through building up negative energy and tipping the neccessary balance.
A perfect balance of positive and negative energy can also be seen in nature. Neutrons are neutral, hence the name, a perfect balance given neither a positive or negative value. Of course, you may argue that in the nucleous of an atom, it is only protons and neutrons that are inside it. Thus, you would therefore argue, perfect balance can be acheived without negativity.
A good, strong argument, but WRONG. Here is why. Sure, the nucleous has only protons and neutrons, but outside the atom, giving it perfect balance are the electrons, the negativity. There does have to be some semblance to it, and it's just how it works. Negativity and positivity are equally important because without one, the scales are tipped.
As mentioned earlier, humans have the ability to change, afflict and alter energy balances. People create an imbalance of negative energy within them, then cast it out at people. (Negative and positive energies are different from the atomic ions, but atoms are the easiest, natural way to explain the importance of balance and +, -). Those people now have foreign negativity, which affects them more than their own negativity. This energy festers and is added to and will stay with those people until it is neutralized (meditation) or sent back to the person (curse).
Curse is a word people have steriotyped and been taught to fear because "only bad witches curse because curses are black magick and evil". This is bull, because the word hex means the same thing and it does basically the same thing. People are afraid to use the word curse, SO SCREAM IT WITH PRIDE! A curse takes all the negative energy given to you (this includes the negative energy from you, yourself, because it was the other person who made you have an imbalance), then gives it all to the original sender. What happens then is not your fault, as the same thing would have happened to you on a slower scale and that person didnt care. So why should you care for them? DON'T WASTE LOVE ON INGRATES! A hex is the same, except that you keep the negative energy the other person made you create within yourself, and you just give back what they gave you.
Here's an example of the curse situation. Imagine the curse as a grenade, with the pin pulled. It's given to you by someone who obviously hates you. It stresses you out, then you chuck it back at the person. It blows up, but you dont care. They tried to kill YOU.
All a curse does is chuck back what they gave you. So it's their own fault if they die, get hurt or have a crummy life.
Now you're saying, "Then this perpetual cycle of negativity will never end". But it will. When bad stuff happens, thats the energies neutralizing and balancing each other out. If you dont want to waste your time with a curse or you really feel uncomfortable and arent sure about them, dont worry. It might take awhile, but there are different meditations that you can do.
So much about negative energy, so little about positive. Well, thats because we all like feeling good. If we do something good for someone, we feel good. We give them positive energy, but it takes away from our positive energy.
So then why do we feel good? Because we see their happiness and it makes us happy, which brings up our positivity to the balancing point. But because there is a sudden rush of positive, we feel elated.
A slight change in energy, whether negative or positive will make a change in the way you feel.
In nature, there is no "good" or "bad", only energy. We lable certain natural things as right/wrong, good/bad, just/evil, but in reality, it's just a socially accepted perception, not reality.

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