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Book of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Life is a blessing from many things. Your parents are blessed for creating life and you are blessed for being created. By being created, you have a soul exactly like you, which is you when you die and meet the gods, Amen-Re. Praise be. There is also another soul within you. It is a person from one of the seven heavens who needs to continue learning. They become a part of you and you become a part of them. This is where past lives come from.
During your life, there may be one or many things the Gods have planned for you. Your life is not predestined, only certain sections are. Déja vu may be part of completing a destiny.
If you die before you finish what is planned for you, you become a ghost and must complete your mission before moving on. BE CAREFUL! IF YOU GET TO THIS STAGE, YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY BE EXORCISED!

If you sin repeatedly, if you dont care that you have or have commited the ultimate sins, (rape, murder without just cause [e.g. a man raped your sister, so you go kill him. That's a murder with justification to the gods, therefore, not a sin, but if you just go out and kill someone, it's an unjustified murder and so is a sin]), then you are doomed to roam the earth for eternity, or until you are exorcised.

When you die, you are judged by the Gods. The record is written by Thoth and the ultimate Judgement is given by De'eme and Elliot. The heaven you are sent to is your heaven for eternity but you can travel from heaven to heaven. You will also enter other people to learn, which is rebirth.

Book of Elliot

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