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Book of the Dark Gods

Chapter One

Wyla rushed to her sister’s side, hearing her screams of pain. She laid a cold cloth on her sister’s forehead in an attempt to try and cool her. De’eme gripped the blankets of her bed, the labour-pangs too much for her. She cried out wildly, her sister trying to sooth her.
De’eme glared furiously at her sister and demanded, “pray tell, sister mine, why your pregnancy was so much easier!”
Shrugging, Wyla checked her sister’s state, then replied, “De’eme, your methods to create your child were much different from mine. The child will reflect the methods used in his creation – therefore, your pregnancy would be more difficult than mine.”
Groaning with effort, then screaming in pain, De’eme pushed and the sound of a baby crying echoed through the room...

Chapter Two

Elliot, De’eme’s son, was standing beside her. He had grown up into a huge-statured God and looked quite adverse. He looked exactly as the original Dark God should. They were standing by Wyla and the husband she had created. Both boys had grown, and now they were beginning to fulfil their purpose of creation.
Wyla went over to her sister and led her to one of her secluded gardens to talk privately. At the end of the conversation, she asked her sister if Elliot had asked her to marry him yet.
De’eme responded with an even, “no, he hasn't. He is just finishing growing up.”
Nodding, Wyla led her sister over to the two Gods, who were measuring each other up. The cousins did not seem to like each other very much, but because Wyla was so happy and her sister was happy for her, neither Goddess really noticed.
When tired of what seemed to be mindless chatting to Elliot, he grabbed De’eme’s hand and nodded to Wyla in respect. He pulled De’eme away, gruffly saying good-bye as the couples left for their respective homes.

Elliot was a strong, powerful God. He was also quite amorous of the women in De’eme’s heaven. He had had every woman he could get his hands on and still was never sated. He couldn't understand it – he wanted De’eme, he knew that, but he could not have her unless he married her. But he didn't want a family or a relationship, only sex. His emotions conflicted with his mind. He wanted women that bowed down to him, not a woman that he had to bow down to. If he married De’eme, it ment having to become a husband and a father, not just a lover. Not knowing if he was ready for that – not knowing if he would ever be ready for that, he merely stayed at a safe distance, admiring her from afar, but keeping his body busy with his many lovers.

Chapter Three

With some surprise, Elliot found that after his growth to thirty-five, he had changed. Now he wanted nothing but a relationship and a family, and wanted to become a true God. After a few nights of thinking, he finally got the guts to go to De’eme and ask if she would marry him.
He approached her throne and took her hand. He asked, “De’eme, Queen and Goddess, take me as your husband. Your sister has already started on her family and I can see that it pains you that you have not.”
De’eme stood and delivered thusly, “is my desire the reality of your lust?” she asked bitterly. “Or is it just your flesh which desires to mollify me and to persuade me to the altar then into your bed?” She walked down the steps before her throne and stepped past her son, her black and red skirts trailing along the floor as she went past him. She stopped, then turned, glaring up at him. “Do you think me so stupid? Would I wed you for the only purpose of your creation,” she snapped, putting him in his place, “when you must lie and bullshit me to take you into my arms and into my body?”
Elliot stared at her, surprised at first by her eloquence, then by her demeanor. She was very defensive he found, when it came to being in control. She was also very brave, as he was head and shoulders above her and could crush her like a bug if he wanted to – and she knew it as well. Yet she stood before him, using her dominance. He knew that she had more power and with her temperament, would have no qualms with using her magick on him – to help or harm.
“I created you,” she continued with a voice of razors, “as my sister created Sam and for the same reason. We felt that there was no other way for us to procreate without Gods. We wasted our energy and time on you two, so we would be able to have children. Sam, I agree with you Elliot, I dislike and do not trust him.” She paused, then glowered. “And you!” She stepped up to him, snarling. “You fucked every girl I'm my kingdom then bullshit me about wanting to have a family?!”
Finding his voice, Elliot replied softly, “but I have changed. There are new women here that I have not touched, because I have eyes for you only. I want a family now – I've aged, I have changed, I'm a God now De’eme! Please Queen, I know it seems unbelievable to you with my past proclivities towards the uses of women, but I'm being honest. Please Queen, believe me.”
She stared at him, her eyes slit in anger. “Then take the first child that you had with your bitches to my temple. Kill it and pour its blood onto the altar there.” She stood as close to him as possible. “I may not agree with the killing of children, especially out of spite, but firstly, I don't want your bastards running around and secondly, I am the Dark Mother Goddess and I will have my demand met to know that you truly want me and me only!”
Elliot nodded and rushed out of their home, leaving De’eme alone. She smirked, glad that she was getting her way, and went to don her armor. She had her own excursion to go on.
As Elliot rushed to the temple, wanting to get his mission over with as soon as possible, De’eme went out on her horse Old Gooseberry, name such on account of his age and colouring, and darted through her villages, slaying all the girls and women Elliot had lain with.

Elliot returned to the castle, soaked in blood. He looked up at De’eme and noticed that she too was soaked in blood. It was caked on her leather kilt and body wrap, and dripped down her hair, creating rusty dreadlocks.
He knew immediately that she had killed his women, and for some reason, it made him want her even more.
She was grinning down at him from her throne. “Your women are dead. Call upon my sister. We will be wed, if you so desire.”
“I so desire it,” he responded, staring at her as she sauntered down to him and linked her arm with his. “Mollified?” he asked, smirking down at her.
Nodding, she replied, “yes, definitely.” She patted his arm, then walked away, to go do her work. Elliot watched her walk away, then left the throne room to go change, then to contact Wyla.

Chapter Four

De’eme woke up and left her husband’s bed. She pulled on a short lace dress, as the weather was becoming unbearably hot. She looked at Elliot’s sleeping form, the blankets bunched up around his legs. Smiling, De’eme went over to the bed and picked up the comforter that had fallen to the floor that night. She laid the blanket over his naked body then brushed his hair back and kissed his temple. Once she had grabbed a pile of papers, she left their room and went down to the throne room to meet some of the important people of her realm.

Elliot entered the throne room. De’eme, his wife of one and a half years, stood, their daughter in her arms.
“Why are all these people here?” he asked curiously as his daughter cooed and waved her arms at him. He grinned and stepped up to them and took his baby from De’eme.
“We,” she began, nodding to the others, “have decided that you would be a better ruler. Well, I did, they agreed with me though and are willing to go through the ritual to make you King. I want you to be the official God of this heaven, not just my husband. What do you say?” She stepped aside and let him sit in the gold throne. She sat in her silver one beside him. “I have to write out the finalities, but basically you will be ruler. Except for the fact that if we were to ever disagree on something, my word would be taken as correct as I am still the Queen and creator. Do you agree, husband?”
Elliot nodded, agreeing to the terms without any misgivings. He held up his daughter and whispered to her, “your Mommy and Daddy are very powerful – and you are gonna grow up to be just as powerful and help us rule, aren't you?”

Here ends the Book of the Dark Gods. De’eme and Elliot prospered within their heaven and had many children, all pertaining to the Darker side of life and magick, for the most part. Amen-Re, praise be.