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Book of Creation

Chapter One

A huge ball of compressed matter, floating in nothingness. Although the question as to where this nothingness is – everything has to be somewhere – will be brought up, this question is impossible to answer, even perhaps for the Gods. The nothingness will soon be where our universe is situated, expanding onward for what one would hope is eternity. If one was to scoop up a teaspoon of this compressed matter, it would weigh more than the earth itself.
A distinct rumbling and the ball of matter explodes, tearing through the nothingness, creating the universe at a startling speed. Matter is thrown every which way, anti-matter soon destroys itself and the worlds are starting to create themselves, drawn by an invisible force that a race called “Homo sapiens” will later call gravity. From the confusion of the creation, matter isolates itself to create two energy beings, without sex, without mind, without body. The energy revolves around itself until the two things become miniscule specks within the dark skies of our universe.
The worlds are but in their infancy now, and from the electrical impulses, these two beings now have what one would call “thought”. They think wildly as the universe stretches beneath, above and all around them. They come to understand something vital, which separates all “advanced” organisms from the things that just exist. They realize that they are alive.
Seven tears in the universal fabric are seen on the outskirts of all that is. A long shaft of light stretches from one end of the universe to the other, slowly being enveloped in black – this will later be known as “the light”, which people traverse when dead. The beings feel what we would deem a “calling” to two of these tears. One being enters the first tear, and the other enters the seventh. Soon after entering, the tears close and separate the eight dimensions – seven heavens, then our diminution. The energy beings drifted around their heavens aimlessly, stuck without bodies, feelings or emotions – stuck with only thoughts.

Chapter Two

Life begins to evolve on what will be known as planets, on later dates. The first planet to ripen is what will be known as Earth. The two beings watch as primitive people evolve and grow. Then they see these people die and travel through the tunnel of light, then to where they are. Some go to the first heaven; some go to the seventh.
When the being see these people who had worshipped them in primitive ways, they decide to help the primitive peoples on earth and with the two beings help, the peoples of earth evolve to what one would call their ancestor. When seeing that more people were populating their realms and were frightened by the fact that their “Gods” did not have form, the two being decided to use their greatly evolved minds and make themselves look as the people did.
This was the birth of the two Mother Goddesses, taking female form, for reasons unknown to them at the time, but their minds had taken over and made them what they would need to be at a later date. They took form and the people relaxed, realising that their “Gods” were much like them, and were no longer frightened. Because of the fact that they had only had their minds and thought patterns for a few billion years, they had great magickal powers, which, as they helped the people evolving on earth at an earlier time, gave people the ability to become advanced as the Gods were.
The Goddesses soon developed their heavens differently, each reflecting their personalities and abilities. The first one had a realm full of gardens, forests and beautiful oceans of the clearest water. She tended the gardens with care and taught the people what each herb and flower did and ment. The second’s realm was full of animals, jungles and rivers, most of which had white-water, that ran into lakes, and wild herbs and flowers. Both had castles made, and developed a small town around the castles, where the people lived and cared for the land, growing food and hunting game.

Chapter Three

Soon, the Goddesses became lonely. The people sometimes left, and they [the Goddesses] soon realised that the people were leaving to return to earth, or other inhabited planets. The remembered that there had been five other realms created, but no one lived there. So they dwelled upon the problem for awhile, then saw how the people, which were much like them, had children and created new life.
For the Goddesses, this was not so easy. They could not just pick humans; they had to have male beings like them. They knew that they could not just create new beings – there was no left over energy for this. They realised, as females, that the males would have to come right from their bodies.
The Great Mother Goddess, which had been the being to go to the first heaven, called Wyla, created a spell using her herbs and flowers, taking their energies to create a concentration of energy to put inside her womb.
The Dark Mother Goddess, which had been the being that went to the seventh heaven, called De’eme, also created a spell. De’eme gathered to her a male of every animal in her heaven and asked them if she could take their lives.
She said, “Grant me thy spirit and they lifeblood and I shall give to thy mate a child, and the child shall live and be strong in my realm, and those who are with child shall have their child easily and it too shall be strong. Your children shall have great gift given to them that will be passed down to their children.”
And upon hearing this, the male animals agreed to have their lives taken as part of her ritual. She, as her sister, had a concentration of energy to put inside her womb. Both Goddesses were soon great with child.

And the time for the birth of the Gods drew near. Here ends the Book of Creation. Amen-Re, praise be.

Book of the Dark Gods