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 ·Welcome to FOX-HOUND, Elite Special Forces Unit. FOX-HOUNDS Webmaster & Staff are dedicated to The Unit, That's why we are here to post daily and weekly updates on MGS RP. Many features and sections of the site are always being improved to please our RP'ers. If you don't like something on this site don't hesitate to tell us what it is. This organization is growing to be one of the most interactive org's(RPG's) on the net today. Enjoy your visit!

All news reported here is strictly for FOX-HOUND unit members only. You may post any news on your site only with a source link back to ours. All news reported here is sourced if obtained elsewhere.

- Prepatory Command
•What up yall? Just to keep you all who have still been dedicating time to FOX-HOUND finely tuned...We will and are on a progressive track back to coming up and being one of the finest Roleplaying Orgs Established. Thanks.. More info will be posted later.

• Posted: Friday, November 14, 2003 » Gray Fox

- Prepatory Command
•Hello everyone. Sorry I have been 'away' for so long. I've just got some more info., So that about sums it up on the site. Instead of my original plan where I was going to put the site up, Fully in content and all, I am now just going to start the Role Playing(Finally Commencing after months)and work on the site while everyone advances among ranks. But don't worry, once I can finally get ahold of Dark Swordsman(Alpha and Bravo Post Sentry Unit/Guard Team Commander/CO, Then he will finally deliver the 'paperwork', via E-Mail, to all of you, notifying you of to which Unit/Team you were accepted into. Thanks.

• Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 » Gray Fox

- Awesome info on G4tv
•Hey, what's up everyone? Nothing to great here..Still traveling back and forth from place to place. -.- Oh and by the way, there is this one gaming channel I've been watching lately...And it's awesome! This gaming network is none only as the notorious G4tv. G4tv basically is an acronym for Television 4 gamers, or Gaming 4 television. They have various shows that range from promoting games, to VS. games where actual players play against other players(Arena), and then to shows where they just talk about what's on gamer's minds(, My favorite.) The website for G4tv is MY personal favorite show is a show called, where three hosts talk about the various posts that thousands of Gamers from all around the United States post on these forum boards. And they actually put them on the show, with direct references. Awesome huh?! But yeah..The three hosts have got to be the coolest down-to-earth gaming hosts I've ever seen, they go by these aliases. Scot Rubin/Gamer tag: AGN, Tina Wood/Gamer Tag: T-Dub, and my personal favorite, Laura Foy/Gamer tag: Thug. If you all actually decide to hit the site up some time then please sign up, and you'll be able to find me under MY registered name there which is Shrug. I'll be chatting with the thousands of other gamers, so just Private Message me some time. Lataz.

• Posted: Saturday, July 12, 2003 » Gray Fox

- Notification of Summer Absence
•Hello, everyone. I guess I'll be on from time to time, But I am going to be absent from the computer for extended periods of time due to going back and forth to various places, such as the Keys, Orlando, Jacksonville, N.C., Tamps, and some others..-.-. Sorry but this is what you'll have to deal with until I can get some time, most likely durring the end of August, and the beginning of July, somewhere in between there, I will be able to come back and start up some Official RP for FOX-HOUND Elite Special Foces Unit. Heh...Well I'm going to go, and you will all receive your Notification letters eventually for which new recruits got into the Post Sentry Unit and who gained access into the Guard Team, C-ya round.

• Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2003 » Gray Fox

- Important Update
•Hey everybody. Just wanted to post a quick update on the board saying that 'The Day' is almost here, Lol, For Role Playing to commence anyways. I have gotten several pages up since my last update, the only Unit/Team Pages that are not up just yet are the EOD Team and the Unit FOX-HOUND pages. Other than that I still have quite a while before this site is going to be up. Another thing is, I know I said I'd start up Role Play once the whole site is done, but I've decided that I will start it up with every other page up, besides the Arsenal of Weapons page, since it will take me some time to get the various Stats and Diagnostics for the many weapons...Later.

• Posted: Saturday, June 21, 2003 » Gray Fox

- New FOX-HOUND Features
• It’s Spider. Just here saying that I have re-joined FOX-HOUND ESFU and we are going to be affiliating with BonkerBoys.COM, we are going to be having a Topsite List, and also are going to be having an extra feature where Fox and I make customized layouts where you give us the details and one of us will make it for you, Bonk Designs. That is all of the news that I have as of now, Later.

• Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 » Spider

- Important Info. READ
•Hello, my adorring online community, lol. Hey, well I just wanted to inform you that everything between Ruptured Muzzle and myself seems to be going rather smoothly, and my foolish novice attempts to downgrade him were stupid, and I have recognized my error, and am Greatly Sorry. I apologize Meso. Off to the site. I've gotten alot of informational pages up since my last update, and to make it even better, I've even found myself a Co-webmaster. His screen name is Codenamed Spider and he will be posting updates as Spider shortly. Hey, well just had our official very first CO meeting earlier yesterday, and we've decided upon the various units how the procedures will go, so on and so forth. By the way, any information relating to weapons and such on the Project Tengu page has been sourced from Les Enfants Terribles. Thanks, later.

• Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 » Gray Fox

- One "Slow" step at a time...
•Hello Everyone. Ok, So far I have not gotten a chance to really work on the site to much so I just worked on it a small bit today, but hardly any, just some very last minute graphical components, and I finally got around to making a new Join Application for FOX-HOUND ESFU. As of where we stand right now with this FOX-HOUND Unit, We have a LONG ways to go. Later.

• Posted: Friday, June 6, 2003 » Gray Fox

- Please be patient.......
•Hey, this is basically a new layout and site for the ORIGINAL FOX-HOUND. Formed back in 1999, This original FOX-HOUND Special Forces Unit will rise once again and will not tolerate miscelaneous revolts and feudal actions from any other FOX-HOUND-Like Organization. The two URL Address's for FOX-HOUND are and, Standing for EliteSpecialForcesUnit. Well I just wanted to post some of the sites updates and keep the community informed. Since the site is brand new and different adjustments and graphical components have not yet been met the site should fully be up and operational within a week to at most, two months, Thanks, Later.

• Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2003 » Gray Fox