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Some Thoughts on the Durabrand Calculator

DISCLAIMER:  The ideas on this web site reflect the writer's subjective opinion and observations. What appears here should be considered only as another source of information.  The writer is not endorsing any particular brand or model of the calculators mentioned or any particular store or shop. The writer does not warrant the accuracy of this information.  Any calculator mentioned may not be a representative sample of what is on the market, and the manufacturers may change their products or specifications without my knowing about it.    

Now, how about the Durabrand calculator that has recently appeared at Wal-Mart for $19.95?  Here's what little preliminary information I have on it.  (Please read the DISCLAIMER at the start of these FAQs)
     *  Has a 50-key keyboard that appears to be fairly well arranged except, possibly for the SHIFT key.
     *  Has fraction and Ans keys.
     *  Has sufficient memories for most any purpose - 26.
     *  Has about any of the standard algebraic and trig functions that you would want - including one- and two-variable
    *  Algebraic entry of formulas.
    *  Easily obtained battery - CR2032.  This is the same as the battery used for the memory in the TI-83 Plus.
    *  Has some limited programming ability.
    *  The display for the graph is very small, 35 x 23 pixels.  The full-screen display on the TI-83 Plus is 62 x 94  and the split-
        screen G-T display is 50 x 46.
   *  As far as I can see, there is no equivalent of the ENTRY function on the TI-83 Plus.  This is very useful when you need to use
       a long expression and only edit a number or maybe two.
   *  Programming is limited to 400 steps divided among ten pre-designated programs.  Gamers, forget about it. 
        Don't let the small number of cons lead you to believe this is equivalent to the TI-83 Plus or the Casion CFX-9850 series.  This is more on the order of the old Casio 7000G Graphic calculator.  This is merely my opinion, but I'd try to come up with 15 to 20 dollars more money and look hard for a used TI-83 Plus or equivalent. 

Page Activated:  8/20/06