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 Recent Additions

2/10/12 - TI-89 Titanium Business and Economics
7/7/07  -  From some reason I suddenly cannot upload to the Angelfire server using FrontPage, so I'm
    having to do changes by hand.  If there are any computer geeks out there who have any suggestions,
                    please send me an e-mail.
7/07/07- There's a "beta" version of  a statistics guide for the TI-89 Titanium.  It's not not fully
     checked out, but some may find it useful.  If you find errors, please let me know by e-mail.  Just
     click on "E-mail Webmaster" in the navigation panel.
6/18/07 New documents for  the TI-89 have been started.  The User Guide is complete as of 6/20/07.   Especially
      for those who don't have a User Manual,  the guide should be helpful to get your started.  A statistics guide
      and Spanish versions of the guides probably will not be available before some time after the Fall '07
      Semester starts.
5/1/07    Several new .8P programs have been added to the TI Programs area.
3/22/07 The Brief Guide to the Financial APP has been edited and corrections made.
11/30/06  Additional items were added to discrete probability distribution in the Stats User Manual.

Añadiduras Nuevos

6/26/07 - Una guía preliminar del usuario para el  TI-89 Titanium se ha agregado.  Necesito hacer más trabajo sobre la
                    traducción, pero debe ser útil para los que no tengan ningún manual de usuario.

5/1/07 - Varios nuevos programas de .8P se ha agregado al área de TI Programs.

3/22/07 - Breve Guía del Usuario y  Guía Financiera para las TI-83 Plus Calculadoras
se ha corregido
    y se han hecho las correcciones.

8/3/06 - Una sección en secuencias se ha agregado al TI-83 Plus el Manual de Usuario.

Last Revision: 2/10/12