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Crafty Wench

The Crafty Wench Welcomes You!

Hey all! And thanx for stopping by my site. Pull up a comfy chair and visit for a while. I know the page is an oomph sketchy right now. Just bookmark me and come back. I'll be adding new crafts and Articles for the soapbox over the next few days. Please feel free to peruse the site at your pleasure.




What its all about:

Kudos to my friend Milky for making all the graphics and doing a really wonderful job on the layout of the site. Don't you just love the cursor? Bounce it off the sides of your screen for a while. Isn't it fun??? I could just sit like a zombie in front of the screen and play with it for hours. (What can I say? I'm easily amused.)

This is a site dedicated to two of the many loves of my life. Craft Projects and Speaking my Mind. On the Projects page you will find a few ideas for some really cute crafts that I have either thought up all by my self, that readers have contributed, or that I've stumbled across on the web. If you use any of these ideas, drop me a line and let me know how things turned out. I love hearing from my readers so mail me with any suggestions or comments you may have about projects that are already posted or any ideas about new crafts that I can post.

My Soapbox page is a place for my political views and any random thoughts that go spinning through my head. This is not a place for young children to go, as we may be covering controversial topics like Abortion, Gay rights, and Pornography. Some strong language and graphic terms may be found on just that portion of this site. Just letting all the parents out there know. However, the rest of this site is rated G and can be used by one and all.

The World Wide Web is a place for many things: Crime and Hatred, Peace and Love, Activism and Anarchy, Work and Play. Remember that as you're out there surfing. Have fun, but take care of yourselves and stay safe = .


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