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Crafty Wench


Welcome to Lyz's Soapbox.
This is the place where we can let our Hair down and rant a bit about the way of the world. You're welcome to submit YOUR ideas and opinions about MY ideas and opinions and as long as they're fairly intelligent and fairly non-offensive I'll post them up here for everyone's viewing pleasure. If you don't want your opinion posted, Don't E-mail it to me. All of the opinions in the Soapbox section are mine and those of interested readers. They do not reflect the opinions of this server, the rest of the planet, or any right-wing Republican scum.
Now that we have that out of the way, let me get up on my soapbox!



Reproductive Rights

Well, I thought I'd start off with the big one.
What I don't understand is why the government thinks that it has ANY right to tell me what I can do with my body. No way no how. Not that I would ever HAVE an abortion if I didn't HAVE to have one to save my life. But still, I want that option open for someone's 13 year old daughter that is currently making a mistake at this moment. I want the option open for the daughter that the child will carry in her womb when that daughter is thirteen and so on and so forth.
I have a brilliant idea on this, though. I'm all for reproductive rights, but I have something that would solve the whole thing. Make the whole debate completely null and void. So the government wants to interfere with MY reproductive rights, but will do nothing about a MALE'S reproductive rights. They're not the ones who get stuck with the kids. You rarely hear about single FATHERS raising their children on welfare do you? No. I think we could nip this whole problem right at the ROOT! Mandatory Vasectomy. That's right folks, you heard it here first. As soon as they pass this law I will drop my whole argument for abortion. The government needs to equalize the playing field. If you're gonna interfere with a woman's right to choose, why not with a man's? I'll tell you why. The government is an organization run by the men of the men and for the men. The Penis is a sacred object and not to be nullified of its glorious nectar by a minor surgery. Now I'm not saying that the human race should end. That's what sperm banks are for. You deposit sperm at the most fertile period in your life. Age 13. You have the vasectomy and whenever you get married or in a life-relationship, you have it reversed. If it can't be reversed, then you pull your sperm out of the freezer and go to it with the turkey baster. I think it's a wonderful idea. That way, the reproductive health of all humans within the U.S. could be monitored by the government. Of course I'm sure the whole system would break down in a few years and there would be a standard bribe set for a Rich Man's Son who wants to get out of it. But think of it... we could give tax cuts to families who had it done to their kids. You know all that government money used for teen pregnancy and the support of unwed mothers? We could use that toward nicer government housing and better schools.
We could cut the entire population problem right out. But alas, The whole Christian Coalition would spring off their high horses and attack me all at once if I ever DARED bring this onto the floor of the House. The whole point of this is that whether or not to have an abortion should be a private choice that a woman must live with for the rest of her life. The government can't choose for us by declaring the choice null. We, as women, must choose to better educate our daughters and friends in sexual health and practices. Things like condoms and other protective methods must be used. "The Talk" that we all used to get as kids on "The birds and the Bees" just ain't gonna cut it any more ladies. We need to get out there and work. You say you don't want any more babies butchered, FINE! That's great! Then you get out there and do something about the CONCEPTION of those fetuses. Volunteer to teach a sex ed. class. Work with teens in your community through your church or the "Y" or a "Big Sister" program. Volunteer as an Aide in your local "Women's Clinic". Frank speech and earnest efforts would save a lot of those unborn kids from even BECOMING a choice. The best way to start is to start at home. Parents need to keep better strictures on their teens and the government needs to keep their noses out of that too.... but that's another debate for another time. Write in and let me know what you think.

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