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All of the crafts on this site are public domain, contributed by my readers or are my own personal creations. If it's mine and you want to put it on your craft site, just ask permission and I'll let you. The only thing I ask is that you put a small link to my site on the page where the craft project is to be displayed. If the craft you seek is someone else's intellectual property, then you'll have to check their rules on their pages. or contact them by e-mail. Thanx.

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Craft Projects for Adults:

  -Floral Angels  
  -Making Shortening Soap  
  -Rose Petal Candles  

Craft Projects for Children:

  -Paper Angels  
  -Sponge-Painted Placemats  
  -*Window Stickeys  
  -Hand Flowers  
  -Paper Beads  

Craft Projects for All Ages:

  -*Beaded Angels  
  -Microwave Soap  
  -*Beeswax Candles  
  -*Lip Balm  
  -*Petroleum Jelly  




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