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Adam Chilenski

Eliot Cardinaux

Bram Kincheloe
We are a group of up and coming musicians from across the country who have joined together to form a fellowship of friends. This music is the result of the excitement of discovery and sense of deep collaboration that has permeated our lives over the last year or so since we all moved to New York and started playing together. Our music is an expression of the excitement we feel for living. We hope that this music makes you feel this excitement as well.

Electric Wolf

Howling Moon
‘bove shifting signs
The clouds breath in
as do my eyes

And my heart
expands, contracts
And my chest
breathes out, comes back

Electric Wolf
eyes ablaze
piercing passerby’s
tightened haze
Dancing through
the forested days

And the sky
expands, contracts
And my mind
breathes out, comes back

Wolvesong screaming
eternal tunes
As forever men
have howled at the moon
And as I stare
I see anew
I stare, I stare
through and through
For I’ve always known
but now see this to be true,
That I am a wolf
Howling at you

(c) 2005 , Bram Kincheloe

Jonathan Rossman

Daniel Levine

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Loving thanks to Carl Berger for getting this website together for us.
Also love to Alissa Kleinman for taking the live performance
pictures at the Knitting Factory.
In fact, Love to Everybody!