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Welcome Patrons to Gallery 17 Featuring The Art of J. Smith.

Smith's work ranges from beautiful, ethereal visions of the divine mysterious to cleverly crafted montages featuring contemporary genre. Snippets from everyday life masterfully created using modern mediums and ancient design techniques. Smith uses a palette of rich golds that resemble the light of the sun, whites and scarlets -colors of motherhood, purity and power. Beautiful transparencies, thin and grey as smoke fire, the artist knowing just the right moment to vanish away..
We hope you enjoy your stay!!!
--The She.

You Ask Me
by Rae Pater
by Janie Hubbell
More Coffee, Please
by Tasha Klein
Don Drin Da Wa Da
by John Allan Tate
There's This Guy
by John Eivaz
Peasent Love
by Don Schaeffer
by Ron Travis

Book Pick
by James Lineberger

More Coffee, Please

by Tasha Klein

she doesn't want to go home
she is hearing sounds under sounds
she can feel
light lift
and settle on her cigarette
her hands are thick blossoms
opening into each other like secrets
waitresses slide by
their eyes old and flat
their souls
in their teeth

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