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A Legend of the Angels

There is an ancient legend that argues there was an eleventh choir of angels and that they were giant angels known as the Grigori. These angels God tasked with the responsibility of watching mankind to be sure we developed the way He intended. Because of this duty, these angels became known as The Watchers.

They watched us faithfully for thousands of years


As they watched they wondered at our pleasures. They discussed among themselves how the sensations of eating, dancing and making love might feel....and they began to long for these simple human pleasures of the flesh. Finally a day came when they could stand it no longer. Unanimously, all two hundred of the Watchers agreed to go down to earth and sample these pleasures.

They left Heaven all as one and came to earth.


They marveled at the beauty of the daughters of man....and they were unable to resist their charms. They married the women and had children with them. The children were all sons and were born very beautiful and shining. The people of the villages loved these beautiful, shining boys and watched them grow with joy in their hearts and with great pride in their wondrous beauty.


But the boys grew and grew and were soon giants among men. It became very difficult for the people to provide enough food for the boys and, at last, the food was consumed completely and there was no more for the giant children or for the people. There was starvation on earth for the first time. And now the tears and the wails of the people were heard in Heaven.


When God saw what had happened He was angry and banished the Watchers to Tartarus, a special Hell located in Heaven, where they await to this day their punishment. To punish the people and to destroy all the children of the mating of angels and humans, God caused the Great Flood.


The Bible tells us that Noah built an ark and took two of each animal aboard and they were saved from drowning. Interestingly, when Noah was born he was described as 'shining'. Actually he illuminated the room with his brilliance and his father, Lemach, was frightened. Lemach ran from the house and sought the counsel of his deceased grandfather, Enoch, who told him to accept the child as his own and that Noah would someday save the world.


This is just a brief outline of the legend. There are many stories to be told. Each of the Watchers, who became known as Fallen Angels, taught mankind a skill....magic, metal working, agriculture, cosmetics, and more. Some say not all of the Fallen Angels were doomed to Hell....some escaped. Nathanael, who had taught man the uses of fire, escaped with Sarah cradled beneath his mighty wings and they fled to another planet.

There are many stories to be told.


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