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You have the cutest little Baby Face

Bonnie at 6 months

There's not another one could take your place

Baby Face

Bonnie at 6 months

My poor heart is jumpin', you sure have started somethin"

Baby Face


I'm up in heaven when I'm in your fond embrace.


Bonnie at 1 year old
Bonnie at 2 years old

I didn't need a shove 'cause I just fell in love with your pretty

Baby Face




Sorry I didn't get to stay. To laugh and run and play. To be there by your side. I'm sorry that I had to die. God sent me down to be with you, to make your loving heart anew. To help you look up and see Both God and little me. Mommy, I wish I could stay. Just like I heard you pray. But, all the angels did cry when they told little me goodbye.
Bonnie at 3 years old

God didn't take me cause He's mad. He didn't send me to make you sad. But to give us both a chance to be a love so precious .. don't you see? Up here no trouble do I see and the pretty angels sing to me. The streets of gold is where I play you'll come here too, mommy, someday. Until the day you join me here, I'll love you mommy, dear. Each breeze you feel and see, brings love and a kiss from me.

By Sandy Eakle


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