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In memory of
Bonnie Jean anamation
String of roses

In The Midst Of Grief

We often ask why when we struggle with grief, and wonder if God really hears. Though He doesn't answer in ways we would choose, you can trust He is sharing your tears. He knows your confusion, your anger, and pain, He experienced them all at the cross. When His Son shed His blood, for you and for me, God knows the true meaning of loss.

My beautiful daughter

He will sustain you with mercy, with grace and with love, till the day we will all meet again. In our real home, in Heaven, free of sickness and death; free of suffering, anguish and pain. What a beautiful day, when we meet them all there; oh, the joy, oh, the glory and love. God will dry every tear, He will mend every heart, in our real home, in Heaven above.


String of roses


Bonnie had a wonderful imagination, and had many, many interests. She was able to tell stories that were so incredible that some have become family legends. One of her many interests was about myths and legends, I have included some of her legends. Also, I will add some Myths and Legends of our time, which will grow as I continually update.

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Myths and Legends




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