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This website contains information about Will Rhodes. When I attained my degree in Internet Technology, it served as my online resume. Now I keep it up for family and friends so they can check up on me. Last I checked, I am still alive and doing fine.

This site will continue to exist as long as I do. I HIGHLY encourage you to go to my LATEST NEWS link monthly (bottom of page). There I witness about my Christian experiences. I do not save anything, so when I change the message (usually twice monthly) the previous one is gone, like yesterday. My triumphs AND my failures are documented there. The GOOD, the BAD, and sometimes the UGLY experiences of my life are there in complete and sometimes brutal honesty! My messages are uplifting, OR they deliver important messages. I have lived as a pagan, an agnostic, an atheist, and now as a PRACTICING Christian. Practices are Sunday through Saturday until we leave this world!

This website contains comprehensive information about William Rhodes. Click on one of the navigation buttons to learn more about me.

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