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Seeking position in the Telecomm. industry in which I can advance and prosper based upon my performance



·         DXC (Digital Cross Connection and associated systems)

·         Project management ( Major Projects & Accomplishments)

·         All Avaya platforms (Definity PBX, CMS, Audix, Conversant IVR, CAS, VOIP, SDN, Explorer, etc.)

·         Vendor management (RFI & RFP, LEC’s, IXC’s, Copiers, IBM mainframe, Cisco, etc.)

·         Network provisioning, (Cisco, Stratacom, Racal, AT&T Tridom, Matrix switches, etc.)

·         Network support (Firebird, T-Berd, NCC analyzer, Oscilloscope, etc.)

·         Internet Technology (HTML & XHTML, Macromedia suite, SQL, Access, etc.)

·         Video Conferencing (Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Picture-Tel, AT&T/Lucent/Avaya,)



·         Project mgr. for Definity G3R PBX installation with; CMS, IVR, Intuity Audix, & CAS adjuncts in 2001 for Lexington Home Brands. 

·         Planned the opening and moving of dozens of Fleet Mortgage and bank branch offices.  Responsible for all infrastructure and telecommunications issues for the branch network. 

·         Project manager for the movement of the Operations and Technology division of Fleet Services (IBM, DEC, Tandem, Stratus, client/server, telephones, faxes, and modems). 

·         In the fall of 1994 I project managed the implementation of Video Conferencing corporate wide for Fleet.  The initial network consisted of 22 sites, using a combination of the public and our private network access. 

(ISDN-BRI, Switched 56K (“Switchway”), and T1 facilities (including ISDN-PRI).  )




2/2007                     John’s Hopkins, Baltimore MD

Hired as Senior Telecomm. Analyst


10/2006 – 1/2007  Apex Systems, working at Verizon Business, Cary NC

Hired as a contractor to work on USPS network conversion project.  Use various systems in order to prep. & cutover circuits from narrow band to wideband.  This is the IXC formerly known as MCI. 


6/2006 – 9/2006     Manpower, working at GlaxoSmithKline, RTP NC

Hired as contractor to act as video conferencing engineer.  Supported global video conferencing using IP and ISDN services.  Cisco MCU, GMS, integrated DB, Polycom & Tandberg support. 


1/2004 – 5/2006     Full time student at CCCC

Earned AAS degree in Internet Technology (3.8 cum avg.).  Presidents or Deans list every semester.  Worked as self-employed consultant and temp for different agencies during this period.


4/2001 –  8/2003    Lexington Home Brands, Lexington NC

Hired as the Manager of Telecommunications.

·         Slashed Telecomm. budget by identifying and eliminating over 600 lines

·         Project managed the replacement of Centrex services with a 600 station Definity G3R (V9 with IP telephony), Intuity Audix, CMS, Explorer II, Conversant IVR, & CASXP.  I did this with no documentation in less than 4 months.

·         Analyzed and optimized Corporate HQ’s voice network.




6/97 – 3/2001         Fleet Mortgage Group,  Columbia & Florence SC

Hired as Senior Telecom Analyst.  Responsible for Move/Add/Change activities for 40+ remote branches throughout the U.S.  Promoted to Telecom supervisor for Columbia in 3/98. 

·         Telecomm. facilities include; T1, Frame Relay, ISDN, POTS, DID, Readyline & Route-it networks, Software Defined Network, PBX, EKS, Centrex, & various voice messaging


3/97 - 6/97              Aerotek: working at Aetna/USHC,  Greensboro NC

Hired as a contractor to implement Lucent Definity G3R5 with CMS and Intuity Audix. 

Assisted in design and cut over of multiple location network as Lucent (now Avaya) expert. 


3/90 - 3/97              Fleet Services Corporation,  Albany NY

Started as a PBX technician for the data center.  Was promoted to Provisioning/Planning Analyst in December of 1994.  Designed and implemented 22 node Video Conferencing  network, which grew to 36 sites. 

·         Presenter at the 1995 National Definity Users Group on video network design

·         Implemented & supported voice/data ckts. of Stratacom IPX/IGX cell switch backbone

·         Implemented & supported voice/data ckts. on Racal 9000 TDM WAN

·         Implemented & supported Cisco routers on the corporate WAN

·         Implemented & supported nodes on the AT&T Tridom VSAT network

·         Implemented & supported branch network (servers, ATM’s, security, and other DTE’s) on DDS

·         Used Telenex matrix switch (DXC) for implementation and troubleshooting

·         Have used T-berd, Firebird, NCC 7300 multi-protocol analyzer, Net.Gen. LAN sniffer, Wiring analyzer, Fiber tester, ISDN-BRI test set, Oscilloscope, Frequency counter etc.


9/86 - 2/90              AT&T Information Systems,  Albany NY

Worked as  a Services Technician, installing and servicing communications systems.  Installed horizontal and vertical wiring systems


1/83 – 8/86             Multigame Ventures,  Latham NY

Worked as a data communications technician responsible for all phases of daily operations for New York state’s first player inter-active lottery terminal network. 


11/81 -12/82           Digitronics,  Ballston Lake NY

Worked as a project manger responsible for all phases of production for a small diversified engineering company, specializing in process control. 


2/79 - 10/81            Data General Corporation,  Westboro MA

Worked as a technician in the Research & Development Communications dept.

Data General Corporation,  Latham NY

Worked as a Field Services technician maintaining mini computers & peripherals. 


1/76 - 1/79              Tele-Resources,  Ballston Lake NY

Worked as a bench technician, testing and repairing ckt. boards for one of the first non Bell Telephone TDM PBX systems.  I was promoted to a Field Service rep. providing second level support in 1978. 




1972-73   Grahm Jr. College, Boston  MA         Majored in Communications

1974-77   Hudson Valley Community College, Troy  NY    Majored in Electronics

2003-06   Central Carolina Comm. Col. in Sanford, NC   AAS in Internet Technology   GPA: 3.8



Coached Junior football in Clifton Park, NY & Sanford NC for 11 years  (League commissioner 1 year)

2 time NY state champion 10 man modified pitch Softball (1990 & 1991)

Fleet Works Steering Committee (Fleet’s volunteer community service organization) Columbia SC

First Calvary Church Prayer Ministry, Christian Ed. Ministry, Program committee, Music Ministry, Sanford NC

CCCC Rotoract (A division of the Rotary), Sanford NC for 2 years


References may be obtained upon request, or by going to my Online Profile web address and selecting the References link:  http://www.angelfire.com/planet/wnrhodesy/

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