I was born in Troy New York. I graduated from Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park New York, with a Regents (college prep.) diploma (Math/Science Major). I was an above average student who played baseball and soccer. Over the next six years I attended 3 different colleges in NY & MA changing majors from Liberal Arts to Communications to Electronics. During this period I worked summers in the family excavation contracting business. In January of 1976 I secured my first position in the Telecommunications industry when Tele-Resources hired me as a bench technician. This was the first of many leading edge technology companies I worked for. Tele-Resources was one of the pioneers in the PBX industry after Judge Green broke up Ma-Bell. I advanced into the tech support group and specialized in call accounting.

In 1978, I married and had 3 children in 4 years. In 1979 an opportunity moved the Rhodes family to Westborough MA. 2 years later a transfer to the Field Services division of Data General allowed us to return to our point of origin (Clifton Park NY). In 1986 I was hired by AT&T-IS. The division that I worked for is today known as Avaya (also formerly Lucent).

In 1997, I took a chance and accepted a 3 month contract position through Aerotek working at Aetna/USHC in Greensboro, NC. I was called upon to assist in converting a large company spread across Greensboro, NC from a Centrex based PBX to a Lucent (now Avaya) network. All buildings at all sites cutover on the SAME weekend. When the contract expired I quickly found work in Columbia SC working for the mortgage division of Fleet Services, a company I formerly worked for in Albany NY for 7 years. It was there that I received my first supervisory position in Columbua with a staff of 2.

In 2001 I became the “Manager of Telecommunications” for Lexington Home Brands, in Lexington, NC. Shortly after arriving at LHB a disturbing trend of massive layoffs and plant closings started. The culmination of which was the elimination of my position in 2003. I took advantage of a state program (Foreign Trade Act) and started attending classes full time until I received an Associates degree in Internet Technology in 2006.

During my two years at CCCC I was taught all phases of Internet Technology. I have had instuction in the following:

I graduated on May 11, 2006 and won an Acedemic Excellence award (Top student in my curriculum). My courses and grades may be found at the bottom of this page. I am a qualified webmaster. I am available to do web design (I have professional experience: references available). Please contact me if you are interested.

I spent the years 2004 through 2006 doing doing consulting and contract work for my former employer (Lexinton Home Brands), and companies like Apex Systems & Tek Systems. My duties in these positions included video-conferecing engineer for GlaxoSmithKline and DTAC Tech for Verizon Business (formerly MCI/Worldcom). During this time I sustained a modest life-style while getting my AAS degree full time.

In 2007 I started a new position with John's Hopkins. On October 11 I married for the last time. My current goal is to secure myself financially for my retirement.

    My Internet Tech, Courses & Grades           Cum. Avg. 3.8
High Honors, Alpha Theta Tao
Acedemic Excellence Award 2006

ITN260 E-Commerce A
ITN289 Internet Project A
CIS246 Unix OS A
NET260 Internet Server Dev. & Supt. A
CSC148 Java Programming B
ITN150 Internet Protocols A
ITN240 Internet Security A
CIS153 Database Applications A
CSC139 Visual Basic Programming A
HUM220 Human Values and Meaning A
CIS135 PC Diagnostics & Config. A
ENG114 Research & Reporting A
ITN110 Web Graphics A
MAT140 Survey of Mathematics A
NET110 Data Comm. & Networking A
CIS115 Programming & Logic A
ENG111 Expository Writing A
ITN120 Internet Multimedia A
ITN170 Internet Databases C
CIS110 Intro to Computers A
ITN140 Web Development Tools A
PSY150 Psychology A

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