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Welcome to my website!
Here, you will find many street lights I photograph whenever I travel.
This website was founded on July 29, 2006

Please note: Many pictures on pages 18 up to the last page are hosted from my Photobucket account. If the pictures are not accessible, that means I exceeded the free bandwidth limit until it resets after the next month begins. Until the bandwidth resets, please refer to my galleries on or You can find the links to those galleries on the Links page.


3/8/2015 - HYDE PARK COMMUTE CHANGES! - Attention! This is important! My aunt who held my late grandmother's house is leaving Tuesday March 10. Due to my dad not being able to drive me home from Hyde Park there will be [u]BIG[/u] changes to my Boston commutes on Sundays. The following changes are:

SUNDAYS Option 1: After passing our former house @ 346 Cummins Highway, follow Cummins Highway to Mattapan Square, turn left and follow River Street, turn left at Dorchester Avenue and follow Dorchester Avenue to Ashmont Station and get the MBTA bus 240 to Crawford Square and then ride down North Main Street to return to Brockton. Bicycles must arrive at Ashmont Station by 1:40pm to ensure we make it for the 1:45pm departure of MBTA bus 240 to Crawford Square. When the 240 bus arrives at Crawford Square, bicycles will follow North Main Street (route 28) to ride through Avon to return to Brockton via North Main Street, Main Street, and Belmont Street or Forest Avenue to head home from Boston. Option 2: After passing our former house @ 346 Cummins Highway, follow American Legion Highway to Blue Hill Avenue (Route 28), turn left at Blue Hill Avenue and follow to Columbia Road and bear a right at Edward Everett Square where Massachusetts Avenue bears a left turn. Continue to follow Columbia Road to JFK/UMass Station for the Red Line connection to Quincy Center. Bicycles must arrive at Quincy Center Station by 2:25pm to ensure we make it for the 2:30pm departure of MBTA bus 230 to Montello Commuter Rail Station. For your safety, please use extreme caution and discretion while using this option as Columbia Road is a bad area in Boston. Weekday trips will remain intact. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3/3/2015 - LONG WINTER HIATUS! - Attention! This is important! Due to excessive Winter conditions, there will be NO MORE Boston commutes until further notice. Until the next commute, please visit! for reruns.

4/23/2013 WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!! - Click here to visit our Facebook page. And be sure to "Like" us!.

11/6/2012 CITY OF BROCKTON PLANS TO BUY LED STREET LIGHTS! PLEASE READ!!! - Last night, I read in the local Enterprise that the city of Brockton (where I currently live) is planning to buy LED street lights. According to the article, "Purchase from National Grid could save $500,000 a year". The city of Brockton intends to execute a purchase agreement with National Grid at the start of 2013 to buy all of the city's street lights, allowing the city to pay a lower rate as owner of the lights. Under the plan, the city will buy the street lights from National Grid for an estimated $38,000. The city of Brockton can also see more savings on lighting costs if it chooses to install LED lights in the street lights. The move would require a large up-front expense, but could pay off over time. The city plans for the purchase in the 2012-2013 budget.... Stay tuned for further bulletin.

Since I don't drive a car, I take the following MBTA transit services: MBTA bus, Red/Orange/Blue Line subways! Click on the the above image to go to

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