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Welcome to my website!
Here, you will find many street lights I photograph whenever I travel.
This website was founded on July 29, 2006.

Please note: Many pictures on pages 18 up to the last page are hosted from my Photobucket account. If the pictures are not accessible, that means I exceeded the free bandwidth limit until it resets after the next month begins. Until the bandwidth resets, please refer to my galleries on or You can find the links to those galleries on the Links page.


6/23/2017 - NEW PICS! - Some new pics are added to the bottom of page 25.

3/30/2017 - OUR 25th PAGE IS UP! - Here it comes! The first bunch of pictures of our 25th page on The Frangioso's Street Lighting Gallery! Come on down and check it out.

1/18/2016 - WINTER HIATUS! - It snowed big time in New England. We will not be taking new pictures. Until the weather clears up, please view our vintage pages 1 through 22 or visit!

4/23/2013 WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!! - Click here to visit our Facebook page. And be sure to "Like" us!.

Since I don't drive a car, I take the following MBTA transit services: MBTA bus, Red/Orange/Blue Line subways! Click on the the above image to go to

First-time visitors must read our policy before viewing any pictures!

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