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Thank you for choosing my website. Before you view any of my pictures, due to safety issues and many dangers that occur in every city and state, you must read our street lighting policy if you decide to proceed to the pictures or want to look at the street lights in your area while they're lit.

Our street lighting policy clearly states the following terms and conditions:

1. Due to some areas are bad ares, MA, you must have your parents or someone old enough and has their driver's license to drive you around, especially during the nighttime for supervision.

2. Stay away from dangerous roads or neighborhoods. You must have proper supervision, bodyguard r someone to protect you.

3. Use your bike and proper public transportation service if you don't drive.

4. In Massachusetts (where I live), many cities' street lights use High Pressure Sodium lamps (orange color when lit). So for those who like Mercury Vapor lamps (fluorescent white when lit), and want to go to any cities in the evening that uses Mercury Vapor street lights, make sure you have parent/adult guardian or someone old enough to drive you there, or take the bus, train or subway or any other mode of public transportation that allows bikes on the vehicles or buses with bike racks when it's not peak hours (when the train is crammed).

6. Those that DON'T have a driver's license, if you're in a city where there's train stations that allow bikes on the trains (OFF peak hours or whatever your train stations call it when the trains aren't crammed), if you ride a bike, you must take it on the train when desired to travel to another desired city. I'm an MBTA passenger and I take the buses and Red Line/Orange Line/Blue Line subways, and I insist that every non-driver who rides a bike does the same.

6. All street light pictures are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise credited for another photographer. So, please do not steal any pictures. If you want to use any of my pics on your website, please email me and request permission from me.

7. Beware of drunk drivers.

8. It is strongly recommended that all street light pictures are photographed on clear and sunny days, not on cloudy, rainy or snowy days. The pictures look better on sunny days and gives full detail and better quality. Check your local weather forecasts.

The weather forecasts are for planning purposes only. Street light photographers are urged to obtain a pre-commute weather briefing prior to departure.

9. Most importantly: Have fun! Especially watching the street lights fire up when it's getting dark.

Thank you for reading our street lighting policy.

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