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Trivia & Fun Facts!

The Crouse-Hinds L-150s were originally 4th Generation Westinghouse OV-15 Silverliners

The Crouse-Hinds L-250s were originally 4th Generation Westinghouse OV-25 Silverliners

Left: Westinghouse OV50; Right: Cooper OVL
In 1982, Cooper Lighting bought Westinghouse's line of Silverliners.

The glass and plastic lenses you see on small street lights in residential areas, such as the glass lens on Westinghouse OV-15 Silverliners, or the plastic lens on General Electric M250R2s can fit ANY small street light. Including the Cooper OVX. It can fit Crouse-Hinds OVS, Crouse-Hinds OVZ, Cooper OVZ, Cooper OVX, Thomas & Betts Model 113, Line Materials Unistyle 175, General Electric M250R (and others related to the M250R), Crouse-Hinds L-150, and Westinghouse OV-15 Silverliner.

The glass lens on Thomas & Betts Model 25 luminaires can also fit Thomas & Betts Model 125s, and 1997 General Electric M400R3s and M400A3s, and Line Materials Unistyle 400s.

The Glass lens on Westinghouse OV-25 Silverliners can also fit Crouse-Hinds OVMs, Westinghouse OV-25 Tudors, and Cooper OVDs.

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