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Meet the Webmaster

Hello, Frangioso's Street Lighting Gallery fans! I'm your founder and webmaster of this site. My name is David Frangioso. I was born on October 20, 1982 in Newton, Massachusetts. Many people have asked me lots of questions over the years regarding me, my interest in street lighting, and this website. So below is a Q&A page of questions I've received from fans of the site.

Questions & Answers

How did you develop an interest in street lights?
Well, it starts way back when I was a child growing up in the Roslindale area of Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up in a house on Cummins Highway at the intersection of Cummins Highway , Cantebury Street and American Legion Highway. When I grew up on Cummins Highway, every street light was mainly Mercury Vapor luminaire, but they've all been completely replaced with High Pressure Sodium street lights all over Cummins Highway. In mid 1987, my family moved to Brockton, Massachusetts, and the street lights in Brockton are not the same as those in Boston. And that took away my enjoyment of Mercury Vapor street lights 'cause I'm not very fond of High Pressure Sodium due to their ugly orange-ish colours when lit up at night. Mercury Vapor lights looks better at night.

Why do you take pictures of street lights?
Well, if you didn't read question 1, I used to live in Roslindale in Boston, but since 1987, I lived in Brockton and the ones in Brockton are not my favorite types. My newest reason for it is 'cause the classic ones from Boston are now disappearing, on account of LED ones now going around. Gotta preserve the memories of my childhood years.

When did you start taking pictures of street lights?
I started in March 2004. I celebrated 10 years of this hobby in March 2014. Now beginning my 11th season.

When did you create the Frangioso's Street Lighting Gallery website?
The website premiered on the Internet on July 29, 2006.

Do you drive a car to get around to take your pictures?
No. I don't drive. So, I take public transportation on the T, or MBTA-- Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. I ride the MBTA buses, and Red Line, Orange Line, and Blue Line subways. I can take my bike on those MBTA vehicles. The buses have bike racks on the front for transporting my bike. And I can take my bike on the MBTA buses with bike racks and in the Red, Orange and Blue Line subways.

Of all the street lights in the world, what are your favorite street lights?
General Electric M400R2 (one of which is in my personal collection in the above picture I'm holding), Line Materials Unistyle 400, General Electric M400 Split Door, General Electric M1000 (1979 edition), ITT Model 25 (which I found on the ground in 2007) and my personal favorite of all time: Westinghouse OV25 Silverliner (which was my first luminaire in my collection).

What inspired you to start taking pictures of street lights?
The first reason is because of the fact that since I live in Brockton since 1987, I don't get to be around my favorite street lights as much as I did when I was a child. My newest reason is 'cause the classic luminaires are eventually being replaced with newer street lights that use High Pressure Sodium light bulbs. I'm trying to save as much of my childhood memories as possible.

What is your favorite light bulb type in street lighting?
No doubt! Mercury Vapor!

How often do you go to Boston to represent your website?
Mostly Sundays. As long as it's clear and sunny. The pictures come out better when the weather is clear and sunny. Blue skies and bright sunshine give the pictures better quality to street lights in the pictures.

Why do Mercury Vapor light bulbs appear green on camera?
Well, it's 'cause of a CCD chip in the electronic circuitry of my digital camera, but it comes out nearly fluorescent white on my digital camcorder, however.

What do you like about Mercury Vapor light bulbs?
Well, it's basically because of their fluorescent white-ish colours makes 'em very pleasant and enjoyable at night. Also, my favorite part is when they first activate at night, they start out producing the prettiest pinkish colours I have ever seen when they turn on at night.