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SAGA members meet on a bimonthly basis...usually during the club hours. For the new members, they are asked to sign SAGA's charter and attend at least two meetings before they can become an official member. SAGA charter states the rules and regulations that needs to be followed before and after becoming an official member. The charter enforces privacy and confidentiality, which is why it is important for it to be signed. If the potential member do not sign our charter, they cannot participate in our meetings nor our club events. They can only be put in our email list and will receive weekly updates and announcements.

Our meetings starts with a brief introduction. Usually new members will have the option to say a little bit about themselves or just sit in and listen. We sit in circles so that we can see each other's faces and we can give our full attention to everyone. The president discusses special announcements and then, an assigned officer brings out the topics for discussion. These topics include situations and experiences that people like us encounter everyday. We also have scheduled events that helps bring members closer and even more comfortable around each other. For more information about our scheduled events, visit the Events page of our website.

Please note that our Office is located in the Baskerville Bldg.
B - 203D 
ext. 21001

Our club meets every other Thursday in NAC 7/313 @ 12:30-2pm.