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Welcome to SAGA of CCNY (Straight and Gay Alliance of the City College of New York.) SAGA is an informal social network of friends and colleagues. We are an organization for closeted, out queer, and LGBT identified students (as well as those who are unsure about their sexuality) and their queer-friendly allies.

We're here to help make CCNY a great experience by fostering a sense of community, promoting an atmosphere of acceptance, and creating a safe social space and comfortable environment where we can find support, understanding, safety, and recreation with members of our own community. We are here to promote the acceptance and understanding of diversity through education and provide a friendly haven for all people in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

We are primarily a social group. We are strongly apolitical. Our only agenda is creating an open environment for queer and queer-friendly types and having fun.

If you're new to all of this, don't worry about it.

If you're interested in LGBT issues, please come to a meeting. We think that you will like what you find. Feel free to suggest topics or ideas that you would be interested in.

Our members include students who are both in and out of the closet. The membership list is entirely confidential. SAGA advocates leaving the decision of whether or not to come out at school to individual members; accordingly, all events and programs are confidential.

For most out gay and lesbian students at CCNY, being gay has little impact upon daily life unless we want it to. Our classmates tend to be friendly, accepting and interested.

If you're considering applying to college, we strongly recommend that you speak to a gay, lesbian or bisexual individual at any school you are seriously considering, whether you are out or not. In our biased collective wisdom, we believe that CCNY's gay students enjoy solid networking opportunities, unbiased admission decisions, fun nightlife in New York City, and open and accepting day-to-day experiences when compared to our counterparts in most other similar schools.