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Lone-R letterboxing information page


Bookmaking: Magazine-style binding (stapled spine)

by Lone R

This is a quick and easy logbook to make.

Supplies You'll Need

  • index cards or cardstock or heavy paper
  • box cutter
  • ruler
  • stapler (with staples)
  • bone folder


Directions (Click on the pictures below for a larger image)


Step 1: Cut cardstock to size. I'm using 5 blank 4X6" index cards and cutting them down to 4X3".
Step 2: Fold the 4x3" cardstock in half, to create a 2" wide and 3" tall book.
Step 3: Use a bone folder to make a tight fold.
Step 4: Unfold the cardstock and carefully line-up the stapler with the spine of the logbook, then staple. You can use more than one staple along the spine depending on how large your logbook is. For large logbooks use a long-reach stapler. Staples may rust in damp environments - try to find non-rusting staples. Staples made for scrapbooking should be non-rusting.
Step 5: Refold the logbook and you're done, but you might want to...
Step 6: Write logbook on the cover and stamp it with your letterbox stamp.

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