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Burial Records Page 12

Burial Records of the 23rd PA
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Burial Information for Pvt. John W. Watermeyer , Company H, 23rd Pennsylvania, Three Month Volunteers. He was mustered into service on April 31st 1861 and Mustered out on July 31st 1861. He died on September 5th 1908 and is buried at Fernwood Cemetery in Yeadon PA in Section 39, Lot 14, Center/Front.
Burial Information for Corp. Joseph Emmit Walker , Company P, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was mustered into service on September 4th 1861. Sent to Camp Graham in Washington D.C. he contracted Typhiod Fever there and died on January 30th 1862. He is buried at Fernwood Cemetery in Yeadon PA in Section 41, Lot 106, Grave 6. He was originally interred at Mt. Moriah but was reinterred in 1895.
Burial Information for Sgt. Philip J. Stengel Company A, 23rd Penna. Vols. He was mustered into service on August 8th 1861. He was wounded at Gettysburg on July 3rd 1863 in the Vicinity of General Meade's Headquarters. After the War, he became active in the G.A.R. and was a member of Post 2 Philadelphia. He was the Last Person to Carry the 23rd PA State Flag in the Parade before they were given to the State Capitol in Harrisburg,PA. He died on August 17th 1919. He is buried at Lawnview Cemetery ,Rockledge,PA, in Section Oaklane, Lot 388, Grave 1.
Burial Information for Lt. Col. Robert Burns Beath 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, Three Month Regiment.He was born in Philadelphia, Pa., on January 25, 1839. He enlisted in April 1861, as a private in the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers; reenlisted in September 1861, in the 28th Pennsylvania and was promoted sergeant and second lieutenant; was commissioned as captain in the 6th USCT and was wounded at the second Battle of Bull Run. He lost his right let at Chapin's farm n 1864 and was commissioned as Lt. Colonel in 1865. He was a charter member of the first post organized in Pennsylvania in October 1866 and from that moment his interest and activity in the organization never flagged until 48 years later, when he peacefully and painlessly passed from this life to that great beyond. In 1866 he became commander of Post No. 2. In 1867 junior vice department commander, 1869 to 1872 assistant adjutant general, and in 1873 department commander. Under Commanders-in-Chief Burnside, Hartranft and Wagner he served as adjutant general and in 1883 was elected commander-in-chief. When it became imperative that a history of the Grand Army of the Republic should be written it was unanimously conceded that the one man who was eminently fitted for that task was Robert B. Beath. And so that history was written and will always remain a monument and reminder to his comrades of his interest and devotion to their interests. He long served on the committee on rules and regulation and to his untiring labors upon that committee we owe our present system of conducting our affairs. He was the author of the Grand Army Blue book and at the time of this death was a member of the board of trustees of the permanent fund. Robert B. Beath died at his home in Philadelphia, Pa., November 25, 1914.

His obituary was written by his longtime friend, Comrade C.C. Royce, Washington, D.C.

He was 75 years old at the time of his death. Of Scotch descent, he possessed many of the characteristics of that intense and vigorous race. Firm in his convictions of right and wrong, no influence could swerve him one iota from doing the one or avoiding the other. Just in his judgment, so far as the light of evidence was open to him, he was generous without stint in both mental and material sympathy toward his comrades, and in his affection these comrades stood second only to his immediate family. His race is run, his work is done. 'God's finger touched him and he slept'.

He is buried at woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia in Section L, Lot 240, Grave 7.

Burial Information for Pvt. Joseph A. Lindsay Company O,23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was mustered in on September 4th 1861 and Mustered out September 7th 1864. He was trasferred to the 61st PA, company H on March 13th 1862. Joseph died on June 25th 1885 and is buried at Lawnview Cemetery, Rockledge, PA in Section Norris, Lot 235, Grave south.

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