The stories below are all unrelated works. Hope you enjoy!

A very short stream-of-consciousness story

Alone in the Night
A Halloween story: A curse backfires on the gods and it's up to Iolaus to set things right

A sequel to the Nov. 2000 Monthly Challenge Response "Now and Then"
Hercules asks a new goddess with a surprising revelation for help when Iolaus is wounded

A brief look into the mind of Ares

All Shall Be Well
A Christmas Story: When all seems lost, Iolaus gets a solstice miracle

Token Hercules
Every Hercules episode ever filmed...

Until Tomorrow
Hercules seeks out Iolaus after the events in "God Fearing Child"

Soul Searching
A sequel, of sorts, to "Rael": Hercules and Iolaus travel to Eire to ask Rael to help them deal with a plague that's been sweeping through Greece, but their journey is hardly trouble free

A "Young Hercules" story: Iolaus reveals why he never learned to swim

Miracle Cure
A "Young Hercules" story: Iolaus works to save his friend after Hercules falls victim to Ares' trap

GrecianPD Blue
A crossover story with NYPD Blue

Time the Healer
A missing scene from "The Academy"

Life to Life
Bridging the gap between TLJ Iolaus and the mythical Iolaus

Trick of the Light
A very young Iolaus gets a visit from a band of Heavenly emissaries

After the Fire
A Halloween Story: A series of mishaps and a sinister feline plague the gang during the Harvest Festival

One Day
Iolaus tries to rescue a damsel in distress, at the request of Ares

Silly Bits
Inspired lunacy. Several H:TLJ-themed parodies of Monty Python sketches

Good and Evil
A Halloween Story
A charming man offers Iolaus and Hercules sanctuary from a storm in his castle, but the hunter soon suspects something sinister lurking in the depths of his host's generosity

Hero in Their Midst
March 2003
Jason gets a look at the true measure of a hero when a young Iolaus risks his life to save him

Bogey Man
October 2003 (Halloween)
After Asclepius inadvertently creates a monster, it's up to Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason to stop it

Somewhere Out There
October 2004 (Halloween)
While passing through an isolated village, Iolaus discovers a grisly tradition and a forest harboring an ancient evil

The Crossroads
April 14, 2006
A little divine intervention helps a disparaging Iolaus realize that his heroism really is appreciated

October 2006 (Halloween)
Hercules and Iolaus have their work cut out for them when Iphicles requests their help with a problem in Corinth

Two Thousand Years
January 2007
Reflections of a modern day Hercules

The Beauty of Gray
March 2007
Iolaus (typically) runs into trouble while escorting a violent prisoner to Athens

Of Gods and Monsters
November 1 2007
Iolaus and Hercules are shipwrecked on an island whose people worship a god who may not be all he seems

Les Miserables Filk
April 2009
The first four seasons of "Hercules" set to the music of "Les Miserables"

Dreams and Night-maras
Written for Halloween 2008, posted April 2009
Hercules and Iolaus battle a dark evil with the help of two brothers: Crossover with "Supernatural"

Ghosts of the Past
Written for Halloween 2009, posted April 2011
Hades tasks Hercules and Iolaus with recapturing an evil spirit before it can transform into something even more terrible (86K)

Written for Halloween 2010, posted April 2011
Herc and Iolaus find anything but refuge when they land in a sinister asylum. Crossover with "Supernatural" (77K)

The Star of Apollo
Written for Christmas 2010, posted April 2011
Hercules and Iolaus enlist the help of the king of thieves when a healing jewel is stolen from a village at solstice (67K)

Friends Never Say Goodbye
Written for Halloween 2011, posted December 2011
Herc, Iolaus and Jason journey to Sumeria but their reunion with Nebula is anything but a vacation (66K)

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