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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ron Wilson V Spencer Driver 22nd April 1949 West Melbourne Stadium





Spencer Driver (Right) Scores to Opponent Ron Wilson Stomach in their 10 Rounder at Melbourne Stadium last night


Former Ammeter Bantam Champion Spencer Driver re-established himself as a boxing attraction in scoring his ninth round tko win over Ron Wilson in their ten rounder at Melbourne Stadium last night.

Driver was off the target early, but when he settled down he punched crisply and with good placement. His straight left's and left rips were polished blows.

Wilson, who has had several fights in the past year, punched with certainty from the start, and repeatedly took the initiative away from Driver, and at times shook his opponent with rights to the head.

However, Driver remained cool and boxed his way back into the picture after each set back.

It was a sparkling fight with more skill and pacy glove work than is seen in the average main event.

Driver held only a slight point's lead at the start of the eighth round.  In that session Wilson suddenly went to pieces. Wilson was distressed on going to his corner.

Early in the ninth round, after making a valiant effort to stall off the eager Driver, Wilson dropped to the canvas.

Referee Terry Reilly immediately stepped in and crowned Driver.

The Sporting Globe



A bone at the base of Ron Wilson's right thumb was broken in his bout against Spencer Driver at Melbourne Stadium on Friday.  His hand is in plaster and he will be on the side lines for about 3 months.

Wilson attributed his disappointing showing against Driver to flu.

He felt so badly on Wednesday he wanted to call of the fight, but he had felt better after training that night, Thursday he felt better still, but on Friday he had a relapse and it was then too late to withdraw.

He said his legs were leaden and he couldn't raise a gallop.








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