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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Reg Mack V Ken Brady

Australian Heavyweight Title Fight

May 29th 1953, West Melbourne Stadium

Ken Brady

Australian Heavyweight Champion.



POWERFUL punching English migrant, Ken Brady (13.13) , won the Australian Heavyweight Title at the Melbourne Stadium, knocking out Victorian Reg Mack (12.101/2) in the eighth round of their scheduled 15 three minute round bout.

The Knockout punch, a tremendous right to the jaw, lifted Mack off his feet and crashed him to the canvas one minute before the end of the round.

Earlier, the bell saved Mack in the seventh after he had been down for an eight count.

Mack did not regain consciousness for three minutes after being counted out.

His seconds dragged him across the ring, propped him on his stool deluged him with water, but he was still groggy when he stumbled off to the dressing room.

Brady ran around the ring, exultantly waving his arms above his head when he realized he had won, and hugged his trainer, Ambrose Palmer.

Mack took the points early, with quick leads and sharp left hooks. Brady was over cautious but seemed to loose his nervousness by the third round.

Mack opened a nasty gash under Brady’s right eye in the fourth and started his nose bleeding in the fifth.

In the sixth, Brady staggered Mack with successive heavy rights to the head. From the seventh, Brady was very confident, hitting Mack around the ring almost at will.

Mack went down for an eight count and only the bell saved him.

Brady bounded to the attack in the eighth and Mack’s knees ultimately buckled under the terrific barrage and he went down for the full count.

The task of giving Brady 161/2 lbs. Weight advantage had proved too much for him

Reg Mack

Victorian Heavyweight Champion

Reg Mack V Ken Brady

November 7th 1953, West Melbourne Stadium


REG MACK (12.73/4) defeated Ken Brady (13.3) by a T.K.O in the sixth round at the Melbourne Stadium.

The fight was stopped at the request of Ambrose Palmer, Brady’s trainer, who was concerned over Brady’s eyes, both of which were cut.

Mack, who was having his first fight for 11 months, was far more the experienced boxer.

He was too well equipped in ringcraft for the young ex-Englishman, whose boxing career started only this year.

From the start of the first round Mack prepared Brady ith both hands, out boxing and out maneuvering him.

Brady, although 9 ¼ lb. Heavier, and a 3 to 1 on favourite at the start, still has much to learn.

Mack gave one of his best performances, and if he fights in the same form as he did last night, he should win many more bouts in the future.



The Canberra Times, Tuesday 2 June 1953

Boxer's Brain Injury

Heavyweight title boxer, Reg Mack, was admitted to St Vincent's Hospital this afternoon with a brain hemorrhage.

Mack, whose real name is Raymond Holmes, of Canning Street North Carlton, was knocked out

by Ken Brady in the Australian Heavyweight Championship fight at West Melbourne Stadium Friday night.

Mack was floored by Brady with a right cross in the eighth round. He was down for several minutes before he was helped

from the ring. . .



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