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     We are dedicated to assist other Canadian stepfamilies through providing the best possible advice and support available.  We believe that the constantly changing dynamics of the stepfamily requires an equally dynamic approach to help make  our step-relationships at home (where we all agree it counts the most), to become that much more understanding.  Through better understanding, we will achieve peace, and ultimately more loving relationships.

     We are also dedicated to listening to the often neglected half of many stepfamilies; STEPCHILDREN.  In ALL we endeavor to do, we pledge to present their concerns and perspectives, along with those of 'wiser' adults.

     We hope your entire stepfamily will remain a part of our extended family.  Together, we will learn and help each other.

Short Term Goals

     Our first primary concern has been the redesign of our website.  With our assistance, this is being undertaken by a group of very talented high school students as part of their computer-lab course study.  The students are lead by their instructor; Mr. Dave Wilson.

     A recruitment drive for a new Board of Directors will remain constant as new members replace those retiring.  Of particular interest will be the formation of a secondary Board of Directors (we believe the first of its kind in ANY such organization ), as its membership will consist of Stepchildren only!  Through their insights and valuable contributions, a significant portion of our website will be dedicated to their concerns, which will serve to strengthen our understanding on the entire stepfamily as a whole.

Long Term Goals

     To date, other organizations have only offered sparse information on either a website or via newsletter.  Our immediate long term goal is to develop the first online stepfamily MAGAZINE.  It will be decided by board members if a "sister newsletter" will also be offered for those who as yet don't have internet access.  With the availability of Web TV now making its debut, every home with a TV and cable service will soon have inexpensive internet access, dramatically changing how we all now read periodicals and newspapers.  The ongoing cybermagazine will also have content by and for stepchildren.

     The development of a professional directory for counselors and therapists who specialize in stepfamily situations.  In fact, through our fledgling efforts and contact with the Counselor Training Institute of Canada, we are proud to report their willingness to develop a new certificate program:   "Certificate of Counseling Stepfamilies".

     The possible development of an interactive "kit" for stepfamilies, perhaps even a CD with helpful advice, exercises, and tips for a broad host of stepfamily situations. 

     The 'manual' publications are currently being researched and compiled, and we invite you to assist us.  One manual will focus on the often turbulent relationship resulting with the interaction of an EX-spouse and your new stepfamily.  This project, and indeed common issues will be further detailed under the banner:   "EX - Files".

     The other publication will be a comprehensive, interactive manual dealing with the often strained relationship between stepparent & child/ren and stepchild/ren and parent.  Both manuals will deal with common problems and then zero in on YOUR specific hotspots, from BOTH points of view.

     We invite you to share your personal experiences, and in so doing, help us all.  By all means, please share your triumphs and positive stories as well.  All submissions will remain confidential.  Email us today, or contact us by surface mail.

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