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     This resource, the first of its kind ANYWHERE, is currently in the planning stages.  This will cover every issue that we (and you), can think of.

     The magazine will be presented in two inter-relating parts, one for adults and the other for children of all ages.

     This feature will be available by pre-paid subscription only (trust us, this is a meager undertaking), and will be emailed directly to you bimonthly.   If enough interest is shown, we will try to publish monthly.


     We need your input, suggestions, stories, and articles.   At this time, the OSA cannot pay you for your submissions, but we will give you credit.  We are also looking for a few Assistant Editors, so start those submissions flowing.  Make sure to include your surface mailing address when contacting us by email.  All submissions become the property of OSA.

     Membership subscriptions are projected to be only $14.95/year!   This will include specials as they are developed.

     We currently anticipate a late summer/early autumn start-up, check this site periodically for launch date details.

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