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     Oh the number of times we hear about problems with the "infamous EX".  In every workshop we give, in virtually all of our group discussions, the EX-partner seems ever present.

     Towards this end, the OSA is embarking on the creation of an interactive 'manual' that will, we hope, assist us all in defusing this explosive issue.   It will be structured so that 1/2 of the manual will be read AND worked on by you, while the other half required you ex's attention and input.  Once both are completed, the ex-change is made and each completes the remaining half, and in so doing, gains an insight of the same issues that burn you up, BUT from a different perspective.


     Please send us your specific views and frustrations that you're currently experiencing, or have experienced, when dealing with your ex-partner (or any ex-family member).  Be assured that all submissions are confidential.

     Those whose anecdotes are used will receive a free copy of the published manual.  If possible, please encourage your "annoying ex" to submit their version as well.

     The promotion of a healthy, healing dialogue, will only benefit everyone concerned, especially your children.

     Don't delay, send us your stories today!

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