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View down a cute little alleyway.

Shrine in Kyoto.

Detail of dragon on shrine roof.

Detail of shrine roof tiles.

Dominique with a delicious fruit parfait and the spork!! Spork sighting in Japan!

More plastic food. This one's cool because of the spaghetti and chopsticks.

View of Osaka castle through the grate at the main gate.

Picture of business district Osaka near Osaka Castle Park.

The outer moat, a river, around Osaka castle.

Booths set up for the weekend at Osaka Castle Park.

Fountain and more booths, still at Osaka Castle Park.

The inner moat of Osaka Castle.

Over and up the main bridge.

The main gate to Osaka Castle.

Dominique and Lauren outside of the main gate!

Osaka Castle, over the trees.

The second inner moat.

Different view of the second inner moat.

Osaka castle.

Osaka Castle. :)

Stone labyrinth leading to Osaka castle.

Grave marker. Those water bottles you see are everywhere in Japan, they put them out to scare cats away, reasoning that cats are scared of water, even the water in bottles. Judging from all the cats I've seen, I don't think it works that well.

Progressively better views of Osaka castle.

View from directly beneath the side of the castle. All that gold is actual GOLD.

A marker on one of the huge boulders making up the walls and foundation. They marked them to show which quarry they came from, all over the islands. Experts are still not certain how these gigantic rocks were brought to this spot from all over the country, but thanks to the markings, they know which rock came from which quarry.

The "wishing well" outside the castle. When the castle was in use, it was the main well.

Detail of the goldwork.

Bad shot of the entrance.

This cannon was used to defend the castle, among others.

Golden cranes painted in gold paint on the observation deck windows.

One view from the observation deck.

Another view from the observation deck.

Detail of the gold work outside the observation deck.

One of the gigantic golden dragon fish below the deck.



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