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View out of Yaesu Fujiya Hotel of Central Tokyo.

Ditto. Behind the reflection of my flash, you would have seen the Asahi building.



This is what pretty much all of Ginza looks like. Kawaii!

Ginza again. The red things are phone booths, and note the tiny streets.

Hibiya Kouen, and look, Rick!! Trees!! There is a cat in this picture, who was strolling by in the trees.

Isn't it beautiful? In the center of Tokyo.

The main fountain at Hibiya Kouen.

That fountain is actually a crane with its head thrown back and wings forward.

I saw a lot of "sararimen" (white collar workers) taking a break in the garden.

I haven't the slightest what this column is for.

This is (unfortunately) a poor shot of Tokyo Tower.

This is that amazingly out of place Shinto shrine near Kamigawa station, vine-wrapped staircase.

Better shot of the stone stairway.

The view from directly under the torii (gate). That pyramidal building behind it is an office building.

This is one of the lions that guard the gate, entirely stone.

This is the fountain at which worshippers purify themselves. I don't know why a cd hangs from it.

This is one of the lions that guard the gate, entirely stone.

Detail of the fountain, which is a dragon. And the CD. :)

The view down.

This is a storefront for a club in Roppongi. That metallic guy coming out of the wall is about seventy feet tall.

Between trains, a dead time on my platform at Tokyo station. The train there is a double decker Shinkansen.

My train, the Hikari to Kyoto (actually the final destination for the train was Okayama).

A different view of my train.

This is what the inside looks like.

This is one of the kiosks that are very common in the train stations. (View from my window)

View of fields near Nagoya from my window of the Shinkansen.

Another view from my window. Much of Japan is mountainous, and unable to be farmed.

This was my laughable attempt at snapping a photo through five people and on the opposite side of the Shinkansen, of Mount Fuji.

This is what our Japanese style dorm rooms look like, they're surprisingly big!

A close up of my tatami floor. I have fallen in love with tatami mat. My bedroom will be floored in it.


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