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All About ME

Hey everyone!!!My Name is Don aka Don JuanŽ I'm sixteen and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I love to play basketball, volleyball, baseball, and football. I like to listen to rap and hip hop my favorite artist is 2pac, I also like Wu-tang clan, DMX, Jay-Z and Master P.
I love to meet new people and chat on the net. Also chilling with my friends, watching movies, and other stuff for fun.
I want to dedicate this page to my friend from Belgium Olivia who first encouraged me to make a homepage. Not only that
she told me to switch from Geocities to Angelfire which was a good decision right there.:) Olivia also taught me the
html stuff that everybody first fears in making there own homepages. But she taught me well and I'm still learning
about making homepages which makes it more fun and sometimes annoying!! hehehe So thank you Olivia this page wouldn't be up without you!=-)

Thanks for dropping by my page. If you got any suggestions let me know about them alright? cool. Ya can find me on icq by that icq thing I got down there. You could also look me up in yahoo chat, look for da_one_don_juan. I'm just learning this bs stuff on web pages so things will hopefully get better on this page so come back often because this page is only going to get bigger and better. Recommend this site to others also, and bookmark the page and come back often.On your way out sign the guestbook please. :o) Hope to hear from ya soon.

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Last updated 11/07/99

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