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Things that need to get out

This is a my page of thoughts. The stuff you could read here can be offensive,
explict, and maybe can be taken offensive, with course language. So reader discreation is advised while reading.
Feel free after reading this to e-mail me with thoughts, objections, comments, opionions or
anything else that you might want to say about my thoughts.
These thoughts come from life experiences that have happened.

Well where should I start? what I don't like is people are the playa's out there that cheat on others.
I mean why do that in the first place right? Guys or girls would be lucky to have there boyfriends/girlfriends.
So why risk it? and for who and for what? That's something that bothers me a lot. It bothers me because
someone is going to be really devestated,hurt,ya name it people are going to go through it and things will never be the same.
That's what I don't get be happy with who you have. Another thing kinda related to this is other people trying to move on in on
someone's man or girl. That's full of bs and sometimes the girl/guy that's getting hit on accepts it
and does sh** to try and stop it from happening. I mean atleast make a effort. awhhh...some people I just
don't know anymore.

Something that irritates me is people who lie, cheat, and steal. Those people are really messed up.
I have no idea why they need to steal. I mean atleast get a job and get it on your own.
Or like one person has told me if your going to steal, steal big. Meaning don't try and
rob no 7-elevens's that would only get you like $50's instead plan stuff out and learn some
computer fraud and go for the millions. Instead of passing by the 7-eleven's pick up $50's
and have the chance of getting caught. That's just stupid why they need to do this in the first place.

One of the biggest things that bothers me most is other people judging others by there looks. That is one of the biggest problems this world is coming to and I really hate it. I know i'm not the greatest
looking guy in the world, but to others it's important to be like that just to impress others. To me that is the most f****** bs in the world.
I mean a great deal of people don't get to know the person a personal basis, become friends with them etc. They just look at the person for the first time and they say ewww.....that guy/girl is so ___________ and I for one doesn't like being judged or to judge others on there appearance. The world would suck so much if everybody was the same.
What makes the world special is the uniqueness in everyone. That's what makes living more interesting so other people can meet other people and enjoy similiar interests and such.
Everybody that had visited this homepage I bet 99% of the time they went to my pic page. They go there and that's it.
They don't look around the page for anything useful or fun.
They come take a quick look at the pic and gone, looking for other people's pic's to look at. Bothers me because not everybody is going to come into this page, or check out my friend's pages, sign up for the chat rooms or anything.
Tell me what you think about these thoughts and leave me a message on the message board below alright,or if you want to leave a message about anything that you want to say about my page, life, advice, etc etc just leave a message on there alright? Thanks

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