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My Information

Don Hua
Web Page Designer Extraordinaire
Oakwood C.I.

Toronto, Ont

Like most of my pages I want to dedicate this one to my close personal friend Danielle because when we talk she says it's always about her. So I told her lots about me after and this is the finishing touches on what she knows about me. hahahaahaa.
Info about me eh...well I'm 5'8'' and about 115 at best ( yeah I know not the biggest guy around) oh well, life goes on. Well I think I play basketball and volleyball best. But I could still play some baseball just hope I remember how hahaha. Remembering things isn't my strong suit so there's something else you now know about me. umm...where was I? Oh yes and when the weather is nice out like a spring day or something I go play football (tackle or two hand touch) which is cool because Danielle knows I'm like Jerry Rice! heehee j/k :P
Hmmm...whatelse about me I'm in grade 11 (junior) and my favorite artist is 2pac. Got like tonnes of mp3's of 2pac's songs but anyways I'm not sure whatelse to say about me. If ya wanna know more about me contact me either through icq, yahoo chat, or e-mail me a question and I'll be glad to answer it and I'll put that in here so everybody else will know about it. So come back soon and check out the site because there's lots more cool stuff that will be worth your while to look around. Feel free to bookmark this page, and sign the guestbook on your way out and leave some comments so I'll know what I should do to make this page better. :)

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