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Take A look at me

Welcome to my page of pics. Well it's not much but it's a start. Come back often because I'm going to try and get more pics up on here. Sign my guestbook also and tell me what you think about this page or the pics.

Well this is me

Hey wassup everyone?? this is one of my latest pics.
It's me and my cuz Henry when he came to visit us in the summer of 99.
He's the one on the left, while I be that guy on the right.
ummmm....I know were in the year 2000 now so i hope to get more pics soon. =)
and none of this old stuff up on here.....hehehe.

More recent pic of me

Hey everyone this is another pic of me, more recent then the other one.
Well you can obviously tell that is me. The little girl in the white dress sitting
in the chair is my little sister, the little boy in the red & black shirt is my little
brother. The one in the green and black striped shirt amd the one in the white shirt are
my cousins. The one looking at me and the one in the blue shirt are my second cousins.

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This was a picture i taken in my computer class