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Rudd Genealogy

Genealogy of Mary Rudd Who Married Ebenezer Wood in 1718

First Generation

JONATHAN RUDD 1, came to New Haven, Connecticut, in 1640; took oath of fidelity, 1644; lived in Saybrook, Connecticut, 1646.

He was married in winter of 1647, by John Winthrop of New London who acted under commission of Massachusetts there and had no authority at Saybrook. Therefore, and because the snow was deep, the young couple met him half way on the banks of a stream.

George S. Porter of Norwich, in writing of Mary Rudd, says:

"The marriage of her ancestor on the banks of Bride Brook, a stream which obtained its name from the wedding, was very romantic and sided in determining two town boundries."

Miss Caulkins of New London, in 1848, tells the story with document in full, and has also commemorated it in verse.

Jonathan Rudd 1 probably died in 1668.


  • Patience, b. ----; married in 1675, Samuel Bushnell.
  • Mary, b. ----; married in 1666, Thomas Bingham.
  • Jonathan, b. ----; married 1678, Mercy -----.
  • Nathaniel, b. ----; married 1685, Mary Post of Norwich.

Second Generation

NATHANIEL 2 (s. Jonathan1) married (1) April 6, 1685, Mary Post; (2) ------.

Children of Nathaniel and Mary

  • Jonathan, b. May 22, 1693.
  • Mary, b. February 3, 1696; married Ebenezer Wood 3, March 12, 1718, (2)
  • Lydia, b. June 22, 1697.

Children of Nathaniel and -----

  • Nathaniel, b. April 6, 1707.
  • Joseph, b. October 31, 1708.
  • There were other children whose names are not given.

For connection with Hibbard Family see Wood Genealogy.

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