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Rice/Hibbard Family

Rice Coat of Arms

Table of Contents on this Page

  • Extract from "Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice"
  • Genealogy of Rice Family
  • Judge Ambrose Rice
  • A Description of the Rice Family Who Settled in Athens County
  • Rice/Hibbard Family



    Andrew Henshaw Ward, A. M., Member of New England Historic-Genealogical Society;
    Corresponding member of Connecticut Historical Society;
    Member of State Historical Society of Wisconsin;
    and Honary Member of Historical Society of Pennsylvania.


    The circumstances under which this History is published are briefly these.

    For several years the descendants of Edmund Rice have been accustomed to meet annually at the old homestead still in possession of one of the family in Wayland, formerly a part of Sudbury. At the meeting in August, 1856, Honorable Andrew H. Ward of West Newton was present and stated that while pursuing his investigations in another direction he had found occasion to refer incidentally to the descendants of Edmund Rice, and becoming interested he had devoted himself for several years to the preparation of a complete genealogy. He then gratuitously tendered his manuscript. No condition was annexed to the gift except that it be published during his lifetime and under his supervision. This has been done and he now presents the results of his labors in a form which shows how much time, patient industry and untiring research he has disinterestedly devoted to the work.

    Edmund Rice, Jun., Brighton,
    George H. Rice, Worcester,
    Anson Rice, Northboro,
    C. C. Estey, Framingham,
    Levi Goodnough, Sudbury,
    Committee on Publication,
    December 1857.


    This work comprises the genealogy of a succession of families numbering at least fourteen hundred, and containing the names of about seven thousand individuals having one common ancestor in the person of Edmund Rice.

    The name of Rice is of Welsh origin, and in Wales was written or spoken with the prefix, Ap- Ap Rice- but not so in England nor in this country. No name is more frequently met with on the rolls of those who have, from time to time, in New England, entered the public service in defense of their country than that of Rice."

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    If you are a desdendant of Deacon Edmund Rice
    or interested in learning more about him, click on the banner below to visit

    The Edmund Rice (1638) Association


    Copied from the records in Historical-Genealogical Society's rooms,
    No. 18 Somerset Street, Boston, Massachusetts, August 7, 1897,
    by Ellen Douglas Lucretia Hibbard
    With new material from the Edmund Rice (1638) Association website

    First Generation

    DEACON EDMUND RICE 1, was born about 1594 at England. No record of his birth or christening has been found. He was married twice, first to Thomasine Frost on 15 October 1618 at St Marys Church, Bury St. Edmunds, England. Edmund and Thomasine resided in 1627 at Berkhamstead, England.

    Thomasine Frost was baptized on 11 August 1600 at St James Church, Stanstead, England, the daughter of Edward Frost and Thomasine Belgrave. She died on 13 June 1654 at Sudbury, Massachusetts. Thomasine had sisters, Alice Frost (married Richard Brackett) and Elizabeth Frost (married 1st Henry Rice, 2nd Philemon Whale).

    Edmund Rice's second wife was Mercy Hurd (?), who he married on 1 March 1655 at Sudbury, Massachusetts. Deacon Edmund Rice died 3 May 1663, and was buried at Old Burying Ground in Wayland, Massachusetts. His grave is marked by a monument designed by Arthur Wallace Rice of Boston, Massachusetts, and was dedicated by the Edmund Rice Association on 29 August 1914. A boulder with a bronze tablet was also erected by the Association and marks Edmund’s homestead on the Old Connecticut Path in Wayland.

    Edmund Rice came to America about 1638, and was in a land transaction that year where he acquired 4 acres in what was then Sudbury (now Wayland), Massachusetts, and laid out in the fall of that year. He was one of the first to build in the area. According to Massachusetts Colonial Records, Volume 1, page 271, on 3 September 1639, Edmund Rice was one of the committee appointed by the Massachusetts General Court to lay out the land in Sudbury that year.

    Deacon Edmund Rice’s house was situated on the "Old North Street", near Mill brook. He received his proportion of "Meadowlands", which were divided "to the present inhabitants" under dates of 4 September 1639, 20 April and 18 November 164--, his share being 42½ acres. He shared in all the division of Uplands and Commons - the total number of acres that fell to his lot, as an original inhabitant, was 247.9.

    Edmund Rice was designated a freeman on 13 May 1640 at Massachusetts. He was a Selectman in 1644 and subsequent years, and a Deacon of the Church in 1648. He was a deputy to the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (the Massachusetts legislature) representing the Town of Sudbury between 1652 and 1654, serving on 27 May 1652, 18 May 1653, and 3 May 1654.

    In 1656, Deacon Edmund Rice was one of the petitioners for a new plantation that became known as Marlborough at Sudbury, Massachusetts. He resided after 1656 at Marlborough, Massachusetts and lived on "The Great Road" on the northerly side of the Cochituate Pond, not far from Williams Tavern.

    Attempts have been made by several nationally recognized genealogists to determine the parents and ancestors of Edmund Rice, and several authors have claimed names for Edmund Rice’s parents. Unfortunately, no sources for their claims have been provided that would assist in definitive genealogical research, and there is no evidence known at present that supports some claims that Edmund Rice was from a royal lineage. For details on this research, please refer to the Edmund Rice (1638) Association’s website.

    Children of Deacon Edmund Rice and Thomasine Frost:
    • Henry, b. about 1617; d. 10 February 1710/11; m. Elizabeth Moore.
    • Edward, b. about 1619; d. 15 August 1712; m. Anna -----.
    • Mary, b. 23 August 1619; d. before 1638.
    • Thomas, b. 26 January 1625/26; d. 16 November 1681; m. Mary -----.
    • Matthew, b. about 1629; died 1717; m. Martha Lamson.
    • Samuel, b. 12 November 1634; died 25 February 1684/85; m. Elizabeth King.
    • Joseph, b. 13 March 1637/38; died 23 December 1711; m. Mercy King.
    • Benjamin, b. 31 May 1640; died 19 December 1713; m. Mary Brown.
    Children of Deacon Edmund Rice and Mercy Hurd:
    • Lydia, b. ----; m. Hugh Drury.
    • Ruth, b. September 29, 1659; m. Samuel Wells.
    • Ann, b. November 19, 1661; m. November 12, 1685, Nathaniel Gary (or Gery) of Roxbury who was born July 4, 1663, son of Nathaniel Gery and Ann Douglas, who were married at Roxbury October 14, 1658. Arthur Geary was one of the first settlers at Roxbury.

    Second Generation

    EDWARD 2 (s. Edmund 1), was the son of Deacon Edmund Rice and Thomasine Frost. He was christened on 26 October 1622 at Stanstead, England, under the name "Edmund Ryce". The authors who provided this information on the Edmund Rice (1638) Association website write: "...your authors are convinced that Edward was the child baptized (and of course born) that year, and that he [Edward Rice] exaggerated his age in later life."

    Edward Rice married Agnes Bent circa 1647. Barry’s History of Framingham states that Agnes Bent was without issue, which is clearly wrong. The will of John Bent of 1672 makes provision for his daughter Agnes Rice and her son John Rice, which not only shows she was still living at that time, but also proved she was indeed the wife of Edward Rice (there being only one John Rice available as a grandson of John Bent). The confusion stems from the fact that the birth records of her children and the record of her death all show her name as Ann, a common variant of Agnes in her time.

    He resided at Sudbury, removed to Marlborough, 1664, was Deacon of the Church, and died August 15, 1712. By a paper on the Court files at Cambridge his age was 47, October 2, 1666, and if so he was born about 1619. He died at Marlborough on 15 August 1712, not far from 93 years old at the time of his death.

    Edward Rice received one lot in the Sudbury Two-Mile Grant in 1655, and was living at Sudbury at that time. He resided at Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1664, where he was a Deacon of the church. In a court paper filed on 2 October 1666 at Middlesex County Court in Massachusetts, he declared his age as 42. He was in a land transaction on 1 April 1686 at Sudbury, to their son Edmund Rice of Sudbury, half of the farm lying within the bounds of Sudbury, "near the spring". (Edward had purchased this from his father Edmund and some purchased from his brother Benjamin. John Rice of Sudbury, a brother of Edmund, had the choice half.) He was elected Deacon in 1687. He was questioned in court, aged 70 years, in 1692. A 1712 obituary in the Boston News Letter gave the death year as 1711 and said he had been born in Berkhamstead in 1618. It also said he had 142 descendants at that time, of which 119 were living. It further said that Edward’s brother, Henry, who had died at Framingham in 1711, had a similarly large number of descendants.

    Deacon Edward Rice’s wife, Agnes Bent, was born on 12 December 1631 at Wayhill, Penton Grafton, England. She was baptized in 1631 at Penton Grafton, England. Agnes died on 4 June 1713 at Marlborough, Massachusetts.

    Children of Deacon Edward Rice and Agnes Bent:
    • Lydia (1), b. 30 July 1648; d. 30 July 1648.
    • Lydia (2), b. December 10, 1649; d, 24 September 1723.
    • John, b. 20 December 1651; d. 6 September 1719; m. Tabitha Stone.
    • Deacon Edmund, b. December 9, 1653; d. 25 September 1719; m. Joyce Russell.
    • Daniel, b. November 8, 1655; d. 14 July 1737; m. Bethiah Ward.
    • Caleb, b. February 8, 1657; d. April 27, 1658.
    • Jacob, b. February 2, 1660; d. 30 October 1746; m. Mary -----.
    • Anna, b. November 19, 1661; d. 2 May 1731; m. Thomas Rice
    • Dorcas, b. January 29, 1664; d. 24 March 1753; m. Thomas Forbush.
    • Benjamin, b. December 22, 1666; d. 23 February 1748/49; m. Mary Graves.
    • Abigail, b. May 9, 1671; d. after 1709; m. Samuel Forbush, of Marlborough, brother of Thomas.

    Third Generation

    BENJAMIN 3 (s. Edward 2, Edmund 1), son of Deacon Edward Rice and Agnes Bent, was born on 22 December 1666 at Marlborough, Massachusetts. Some genealogies give his wife’s name as Mary Graves, but that identification is now doubted and it is believed his wife was actually Mary Rice, daughter of Samuel Rice and Mary Dix. They were married on 15 November 1692 at Marlborough, Massachusetts. Benjamin Rice died on 23 February 1748 at Marlborough, aged 82 years, 2 months, and was buried at Old Common Cemetery in Marlborough.

    Mary Rice was born on 6 August 1669 at Marlborough, Massachusetts. Vital records simply list her as born the first week of August. She was the daughter of Samuel Rice and Mary Dix, and thus a cousin of Benjamin Rice. Mary died on 22 October 1736 at Marlborough, Massachusetts at the age of 65 years. She was buried at Old Common Cemetery in Marlborough.

    Some Rice family records give her name erroneously as Mary Graves. The Sudbury Vital Records list the marriage of Benjamin Rice and Mary (Chamberlain) Graves on 1 April 1691. This would be the Benjamin Rice born 1640 at Sudbury. The Marlborough Vital Records lists the marriage of Benjamin Rice and Mary Rice on 15 November 1692. This would be the Benjamin Rice (above) born 1666 at Marlborough.

    Children of Benjamin Rice and Mary Rice:
    • Azariah, b. August 13, 1693; d. 1779; m. Hannah Bartlett.
    • Lydia, b. June 16, 1695; d. January 10, 1755; m. Cyprian Rice.
    • Elizabeth, b. December 9, 1697; d. December 28, 1755; m. Ephriam Howe.
    • Simeon or Simon, b. January 9, 1699; d. May 31, 1733; m. Grace Newton.
    • Zerubabel, b. January 1, 1702; d. August 27, 1775; m. Elizabeth Barrett.
    • Rachel, b. November 2, 1703; d. 1782; m. Abraham Howe, Jun.
    • Matthias, b. April 4, 1708; d. February 13, 1764; m. ----- Patridge of Marlborough, 1748; d. Brookfield, 1792.
    • Damaris, b. July 20, 1711; d. --------; m. Jonathan Brigham.
    • Priscilla, b. July 20, 1711; d. --------; m. Hosiah Patridge.

    Fourth Generation

    AZARIAH 4 (s. Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1) was born August 13, 1693 at Marlborough (some sources say Brookfield), Massachusetts. He married Hannah Bartlett. Hannah Bartlett was born on 17 February 1694/95 at Sherborn, Massachusetts, the daughter of Joseph Bartlett and Hannah Hyde. The two resided at Brookfield where Hannah died June 30, 1754, and Azariah of "a cancer" in 1779, aged about 86 years.

    Children of Azariah Rice and Hannah Bartlett:
    • Zerviah, b. September 23, 1721; d. March 21, 1740/41; m. ----- Sanford.
    • Benjamin, b. February 1, 1723; d. February 8, 1796; m. Sarah Upham.
    • Miriam, b. November 26, 1724; d. -----; m. (1) ----- Newell; (2) Amos Hamilton.
    • Oliver, b. November 7, 1726; d. March 23, 1812; m. Lucy Rice.
    • Lovinah or Levinah, b. March 17, 1729; d. March 18, 1772.
    • Jonas, b. June 30, 1731; d. 1776; m. Deborah Force.
    • Mary, b. October 20, 1734; d. ------; m. Jonathan Walker.
    • Ephraim, b. October 23, 1735; d. 1810; m. Thankful Walker.
    • Patience, b. October 20, 1738; d. before 1772.

    Fifth Generation

    JONAS 5 (s. Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), was born June 30, 1731 at Brookfield, Massachusetts. He was in Caldwell's Company, August 1757, for relief of Fort William Henry (French & Indian War), and in Captain John Nixon's Company at the Concord Bridge fight, April 19, 1775. He married Deborah Force (also written Vorse or Vose).

    He died in the service, of small pox, in 1776, aged 45. His widow Deborah married Benjamin Scott.

    From Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, - Vol. I-XVII (17). Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896. Volume 13, page 164:

    Rice, Jonas, Sudbury. Private, Capt. John Nixon's co. of Minute-men, Col. Abijah Pierce's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 5 days; also, receipt dated Cambridge, June 29, 1775, signed by said Rice and others, for advance pay received of Capt. Micah Goodenow [service rendered in Capt. Moore's company, Col. Nixon's regiment, of which company Micah Goodenow was 1st Lieutenant]; also, Private, Capt. David Moor's company, Col. John Nixon's (5th) regiment; muster roll dated August 1, 1775; enlisted April 24, 1775; service, 3 months 15 days; reported promoted to Corporal July 3, 1775; also, Corporal, same company and regiment; company return dated Sept. 30, 1775.

    Children of Jonas Rice and Deborah Force, born at Brookfield:
    • Sarah, b. January 26, 1752; d. -----.
    • Bathsheba, b. October 25, 1753; d. February 24, 1755.
    • Jason, b. May 14, 1756; d. December 31, 1843; m. Sarah Hibbard.
    • Bathsheba, b. January 20, 1758; d. -----.
    • Patience, b. September 18, 1760; d. -----; m. November 18, 1782, Jesse Hobbs.
    • Simeon, b. September 21, 1762; d. -----; m. Sarah Bigelow.
    • Joel, b. January 18, 1765; m. Hannah Wright.
    • Asariah, b. December 26, 1767; m. 1790, Sarah Abbott.
    • Hannah, b. February 1, 1769.
    • Levinah, b. June 2, 1771; m. 1791, Samuel Bigelow.
    • Jonas, b. August 9, 1773.

    Jason Rice is said to have resided in the southerly part of Worcester County, Massachusetts, and had a large family. We cannot trace him.

    This is the end of the Genealogy of Rice ancestors of Hibbard family as given in "Rice Genealogy." The following addition is furnished from the family Bible of Eunice Rice Mower of Springfield, Ohio, daughter of Sabinus Rice, and grand-daughter of Jason Rice, son of Jonas. This information was compiled when Ellen Lucretia Douglas Hibbard and her sister Marie Aurelia Hibbard put together their lineage book. Additional information and descriptions from local history books have been added by the author of this website.

    Sixth Generation

    JASON 6 (s. Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), was born May 14, 1756, in Brookfield, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Hibbard, May 16, 1781. Jason Rice died, December 31, 1843, in Athens County, Ohio, where he came in 1799 or 1800 from Rutland County, Vermont.

    Jason was a soldier of the American Revolution. He was in the battle of Bennington, Captain Daniel Gilbert's Company; in Captain Francis Wilson's Company, Colonel Danforth Keyes' Regiment at Providence, and at Fishkill in Captain Hamilton's Company, Colonel James Converse's Regiment, in Continental Army. He is described: "Age, 22. Stature 5 ft. 8 inches. Complexion light. Town from, Brookfield."

    Sarah Hibbard was the daughter of Elisha Hibbard and Mary Palmer. She was born March 10, 1762, and died August 16, 1824. For Sarah Hibbard's lineage, see Hibbard Genealogy.

    From Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, - Vol. I-XVII (17). Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896. Volume 13, page 158:

    Rice, Jason, Brookfield. Private, Capt. Francis Willson's company, Col. Danforth Keyes's regiment; enlisted September 1, 1777; discharged January 3, 1778; service, 4 months, 3 days, at Rhode Island; roll dated Providence; also, same company and regiment; pay abstract for mileage from place of discharge home, dated Providence, December 29, 1777; mileage for 60 miles allowed said Rice.

    From Volume 13, page 158:

    Rice, Jason, Brookfield. List of men mustered; said Rice appears among men raised from Col. Converse's regiment for the term of 9 months; Capt. Hamilton's company; residence, Brookfield; engaged for town of Brookfield; also, descriptive list of men raised to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 9 months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, as returned by Capt. Nathan Hamilton, dated Brookfield, June 11, 1778; Capt. Hamilton's company, Col. Convers's regiment; age, 22 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 8 in.; complexion, light; arrived at Fishkill July 4, 1778; also, list of men returned as received of Jonathan Warner, Commissioner, by Brig. Gen. J. Glover, at Fort Arnold, July 8, 1778; also, list of men returned as mustered by Henry Rutgers, Jr., Deputy Muster Master, dated Fishkill, August 1, 1778.

    Volume 13, page 158:

    Rice, Jason. Private, Capt. Daniel Gilbert's company, Col. Job Cushing's regiment; service from July 30, 1777, to September 2, 1777, 1 month, 4 days, at Bennington and Half Moon; company marched from Brookfield July 30, 1777.

    From ATHENS COUNTY FAMILY HISTORY 1987, Compiled by Beverly Schumacher & Mary L. Bowman (ACHS&M)

    "Rice-Harvey Family" (page 161-162)

    "In 1789, Benjamin Brown bought from the Ohio Company, 122 acres on Sugar Creek. In 1800, he employed Nehemiah Davis to build a two-story hewn log house. In 1803 he sold the farm to Jason Rice. In 1813 Jason sold it to his son Jonas, a soldier in the War of 1812. Jonas sold it to his son-in-law, John Harvey. It then contained 150 acres. He sold it to his son, James R. Harvey. In 1903 it was sold to the Poston Coal Company. The house has been carefully dismantled and stored."

    Rice cabin

    A picture of the cabin once owned by Jason Rice. This picture was taken around 1938-40, and is included in the W. E. Peters Papers at the Ohio University Alden Library in Athens, Ohio. The cabin was still standing in the 1970s, and was then the oldest building in Athens County. The community felt the old building should be saved and preserved for posterity, and in 1978 the cabin was carefully dismantled, to some day be reconstructed. I am trying to find out if, indeed, the old cabin was ever rebuilt.

    Fleming Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio

    Sign outside of Fleming Cemetery, just north of the Village of Amesville. The cemetery is also known as Carter Cemetery and Cutler Cemetery.

    Grave of Sarah Hibbard Rice Grave of Jason Rice

    The graves of Sarah Hibbard Rice (March 10, 1762 - 1824) and her husband, Jason Rice (May 14, 1756 - December 31, 1843) at Fleming Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio. Jason Rice, my 5th great-grandfather, was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, but his grave stone is so badly worn and weathered, that even his name is no longer legible. The fact that he is buried next to his wife, and that the cemetery was once catalogued, is the only way I knew that this is where Jason is buried. Fleming Cemetery is also known as Carter Cemetery and Cutler Cemetery.

    Children of Jason Rice and Sarah Hibbard
    • Reuben, b. February 15, 1782; m. October 18, 1809, Emily Buzzard; d. in middle life in Indiana.
    • Polly, b. May 8, 1783; m. April 1803, Benajah or Benjamin Seamans; killed by falling tree, May 8, 1808.
    • Ambrose, b. July 24, 1786; d. in New Orleans, 1841, probably in May.
    • Jonas, b. August 25, 1788; m. December 17, 1820, Tamar Culver; d. in Natchez, Mississippi, about 1830.

      From ATHENS COUNTY FAMILY HISTORY 1987, is found the following story of Jonan Rice (page 162)

      "Jonas loaded a flatboat on the Hocking River, near Alderman, in 1829 for a trip to New Orleans. With the help of friends and neighors, they poled the boat to Hockingport. There experienced rivermen took over for the trip down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The report came back that he had died of yellow fever at Natchez, Miss. and was believed buried on the bank of the river. His wife, Tamer, raised the family of six children. With the help of her children, she did the farming. One daughter, Sara, married John Harvey. When he enlisted in the Civil War in Co. H 141st Ohio Infantry, she took over working the farm. She was a faithful member of the Old Brick Church at Chauncey, four miles from her home."

      Obituary of Tamar Culver Rice, from the Athens Messenger, dated May 8, 1862:

      RICE. --In Dover township, in this county, on the 28th day of April, 1862, Mrs. Tamar Rice, widow of Jonas Rice, deceased, in the 63rd year of her age, after several months of intense siffering from a cancer, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation.

      The deceased was born in Hillsdale, Columbia county, New York, October 7th, 1799, and came to Ohio soon after it became a State. She was left a widow at an early age, with four small children, entirely dependent upon herself for her own and their support, and most nobly and energetically did she perform her arduous and momentous task, affording an eminent example of what may be accomplished in such a situation by female effort, guided unwaveringly by upright principles. Beloved and respected by all by whom she was known, she will be long and sincerely lamented.

    • Deborah, b. December 24, 1784; m. William Greene; d. November 25, 1836.
    • Sally, b. November 2, 1793; m. November 18, 1821, William Dawes; d. August 29, 1850.
    • Sabinus, b. December 18, 1795; m. December 9, 1827, Pamela Hibbard; d. July 23, 1852.
    • Jason, b. December 11, 1801; m. November 12, 1826, Caroline Durfee. She d. July 24, 1884. He died May 12, 1887.
    • Melona, b. September 10, 1805; m. November 1840, William Corner. He d. 1884. She died October 8, 1887.

    Grave of Pamela Hibbard Rice Marker for Pamela Hibbard Rice

    The grave of Pamela Hibbard Rice (November 11, 1802 - November 24, 1849), wife of Captain Sabinus Rice (December 18, 1795 - July 23, 1852) at Fleming Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio. The fallen stone with the initials P. H. S. lies nearby; pretty certain that the initial stand for Pamela Hibbard Rice. Pamela was the daughter of Rev. Ithamar Hibbard and Hannah Wood. For more details, see the Hibbard Genealogy page.

    Grave of Jason Rice Jr Grave of Caroline Durfee Rice

    The grave marker of Jason Rice, Jr. (December 11, 1801 - May 12, 1867) and his wife, Caroline Durfee Rice (February 17, 1805 - July 24, 1884). Jason is, of course, the son of Jason Rice and Sarah Hibbard Rice. This is also at Flemming Cemetery, just north of Amesville, Ames Township, Athens County, Ohio.

    From HISTORY OF HOCKING VALLEY is the following biographical sketch of Jason Rice, Jr. (page 540):

    Jason Rice was born in Waterford, Ohio, in 1801, and came with his parents, Jason and Sarah (Hibbard) Rice, to Ames Township, Athens County, in 1804, where he has since resided. When twenty years of age his father gave him one year of his time as his share of the estate. He was married Nov. 12, 1826, to Caroline Duffee, a native of Rhode Island, who came to Ohio in 1817. By this union there were seven children, four ouf whom lived to be men and women, and two still living--Melona A. and Elizabeth C. After his marriage he resided on the old homestead for one year, after which he purchased a farm on Sunday Creek containing eighty-four acres of unimproved land, where he resided for eight years. He then sold out and purchased his present home, which contains about 200 acres of improved land under a high state of cultivation, where he has resided for a period of over forty-seven years. Mr. Rice is among the foremost in contributing liberally to all enterprises that will be of interest and benefit to the community. Although eighty-two years of age, with the exceptin of his hearing being somewhat impaired, he retains his physical and mental vigor to a remarkable degree.

    Seventh Generation

    End of extract from Bible of Mrs. Eunice Rice Mower.
    This Bible was bought by Rev. Ebenezer Hibbard in 1803
    and after his death, September 8, 1835,
    came into the possession of his brother-in-law, Sabinus Rice.

    DEBORAH 7 (dau. Jason 6, Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), was born in Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont on December 24, 1784; married April 6, 1807, William Greene of Spencer, Massachusetts. She died November 25, 1836, in Ames, Athens County, Ohio.

    Child of Deborah Rice and William Greene:
    • Polly, or Mary Rice, b. Ames, Ohio, June 25, 1809; m. July 30, 1829, in Ames, Ohio, Mortimer Dormer Hibbard. She died Spring Hill, Ohio, September 3, 1868.

    For children of Mortimer Dormer Hibbard and Polly Rice Greene
    See Hibbard Genealogy.

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    Uncle Ambrose

    Judge Ambrose Rice was a brother of Deborah Rice, and uncle to Polly Rice Greene. The following extract is from Knapp's History of the Maumee Valley, published in Toledo in 1872. It was written by Jessup W. Scott, founder of the "Scott Manual Training School," and one of Toledo's foremost citizens for many years. (Scott High School in Toledo is named for him.) Mr. Scott was acquainted with Ambrose Rice, and in his historical sketch of Lucas County writes of him:

    "There was one man then living in Perrysburg, familiarly known as Judge Rice - Ambrose Rice - who in native sagacity and foresight, seemed to me, and seems to me now, to have been before any man I have known.

    "I afterward became intimate with him; and thought I have had familiar intercourse with several men who have the position in public estimation among the greatest in our country, I have not known one with so penetrating a judgment or so clear an intellect. Nor, in moral truthfulness and stern integrity was he less distinguished.

    "His position was that of County Surveyor, and agent to select land for purchasers.

    "He spent very little time in conversation; except on business she conversed with few persons. He was a confirmed bachelor."

    Transcript of Last Will and Testament of
    Ambrose Rice

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    Rice Family in Athens

    Captain Sabinus Rice

    Sabinus Rice was another brother of Deborah Rice (wife of William Greene). He was born December 18, 1795 at Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont, the son of Jason Rice and Sarah Hibbard. He married Anna Pamela Hibbard on December 8, 1827 at Amesville, Athens County, Ohio. Anna was born November 11, 1802 at Fairhaven, Rutland County, Vermont, the daughter of Reverand Ithamar Hibbard and Hannah Wood. Sabinus died July 23, 1852 at Amesville, Athens County, Ohio. Anna Pamela died November 24, 1849 at Athens County, Ohio -- probably also at Amesville. For Anna Pamela Hibbard's lineage, see Hibbard Genealogy.

    From Walker's History of Athens County, Ohio, published in 1869.

    "Captain Sabinus Rice, son of Jason Rice and Sarah Hibbard Rice, was born in Poultney, Vermont, Dec. 18, 1795, and came with his father's family to Ohio in the year 1800. The journey from New England was made in the usual way at that time - by wagon to Pittsburg and thence down the Ohio river by flat boat. His parents lived for about three years at the White Oak Settlement on the Muskingum river, a few miles north of Marietta, whence, in 1803, they removed to Ames township, where they bought and settled on an eighty acre farm. By hard work and good management they acquired a comfortable competency, and the later years of the old people were passed in ease.

    "The Rice family will long be remembered in the community where they lived, for their hospitality, refinement and intelligence.

    "Jason Rice died in 1843, in his eighty-eighth year. His wife, died in 1824, aged sixty-two years. Their children were: Reuben, Polly, Ambrose, Jonas, Deborah, Sally, Sabinus, Jason and Melona, of whom the two last only are living. Jason is a farmer in Ames township and highly respected, and the sister, now Mrs. William Corner, lives in Malta, Ohio.

    "Jason Rice died on the Mississippi river, near Natchez, in 1829, of yellow fever. A grandson of his, Thomas H. Sheldon, is now cashier of the National Bank of Athens.

    "Ambrose, who possessed great mathematical talent, removed to the northern part of Ohio, where he became very wealthy and died many years since.

    "Sabinus Rice, a man of excellent judgment and most amiable character, was one of the leading citizens of Ames. He died July 23, 1852."

    Captain Sabinus Rice left one son and three daughters.

    Children of Sabinus Rice and Anna Pamela Hibbard:
    • Sabinus Jason, b. about October 24, 1828; d. April 8, 1857; m. Mary Bennett.
    • Sarah P. Rice, b. about February 24, 1831; d. September 12, 1848
    • Eunice M., b. 1833; d. ------; m. Jacob Kreider Mower.
    • Esther H., b. 1841; d. ------; m. Paul Richardson.
    • Hannah Rebecca, b. April 1, 1842; d. 1914; m. Jason Rice Hibbard.

    Eighth Generation

    SABINUS JASON 8 (s. Sabinus 7, Jason 6, Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), married Mary Bennett, niece of Mrs. Frances D. Gage, wife of Judge Gage. He died in Ames, Ohio, April 1857, leaving two children.

    Children of Sabinus Jason Rice and Mary Bennett:
    • Frank, b. ----; d. ------; m. Alice Thompson of Springfield, Ohio.
    • Mary, or "Metta," b. -----; d. -----.

    EUNICE 8 (d. Sabinus 7, Jason 6, Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), married Hon. J. K. Mower of Springfield, Ohio.

    Children of Eunice Rice and J. K. Mower:
    • Mabel, b. ----.
    • Alice, b. ----.
    • Karl Kreider, b. ----.

    ESTHER 8 (d. Sabinus 7, Jason 6, Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), married Paul Richardson of Roy Alton, Ohio, removed to Spring Hill, Ohio, and later to Hutchinson, Kansas, where he died. Their children:

    Children of Esther Rice and Paul Richardson:
    • Dora, b. ----.
    • Bianca, b. ----.

    HANNAH REBECCA 8 (d. Sabinus 7, Jason 6, Jonas 5, Azariah 4, Benjamin 3, Edward 2, Edmund 1), born April 1, 1842; married April 24, 1862, at Springfield, Ohio, Jason Rice Hibbard of Spring Hill, Ohio. He died Ottawa, Kansas, August 9, 1881.

    Hannah and Essie Jason Hibbard

    Left: Hannah Rebecca Rice Hibbard and daughter Essie.
    Right: Jason Rice Hibbard

    Child of Hannah Rebecca Rice and Jason Rice Hibbard:
    • Essie, b. April 5, 1864; m. April 5, 1888, in Ottawa, Kansas, Henry Ott, son of Christopher Ott of Olathe, Kansas. She died June 20, 1905.


      • Rebeccan Justina, b. February 5, 1889.
      • Eunice Rice, b. February 7, 1893.
      • Christopher, b. December 8, 1896.
      • Charles Albert, b. April 26, 1899.

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