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Greene Genealogy and associated lines

Greene Genealogy

First Generation

Colonial ShipsTHOMAS GREENE 1 was born in England about 1606. There are reasons for supposing that he came from Leicestershire, probably about 1635/36. It is thought that he first lived in Ipswich after coming to America and that he removed from there to Malden, Massachusetts, about 1649/50. He had a large farm in the north part of Malden, now called Melrose. A part of this farm still remains in possession of some of his descendants. He was Selectman of Malden in 1658, and was several times on the grand jury of the County of Middlesex. He married (1) Elizabeth -----, who was doubtless the mother of all his children, and who died August 22, 1658; (2) Frances Cook, September 5, 1659. He died December 19, 1667.


  • Elizabeth, probably b. in England, 1628.
  • Thomas, probably b. in England, about 1630; m. Rebecca Hills.
  • John, probably b. in England, 1632; m. Sarah Wheeler, December 18, 1660.
  • Mary, probably b. in England, 1633; m. Captain John Waite,
    a prominent citizen; Selectman 1658, 1678, 1679-1683; Representative 1666-1684.
  • William, b. 1635; m. (1) Elizabeth Wheeler; (2) Isabel Farmer Blood.
  • Henry, b. 1638; m. Esther Hasse, January 11, 1672.
  • Samuel, b. March, 1645; m. (1) Mary Cooke; (2) Susanna -----.
  • Hannah, b. 1647; m. Joseph Richardson of Woburn, November 5, 1666;
    d. May 20, 1721.
  • Martha, b. 1650.
  • Dorcas, b. in Malden, May 1, 1658; m. January 11, 1672, James Barret of
  • Malden, b. April 6, 1644. She died 1682. He died 1694.

Second Generation

Captain WILLIAM 2 (s. Thomas1), born 1635; married (1) Elizabeth Wheeler, daughter of Isaac Wheeler; (2) Isabel (Farmer) Blood, from Ansley, England; she died March 3, 1737, aged 85; he died December 30, 1705.

He was a member of church at Malden; captain of a military company; Selectman 1678, 1683, 1702.

Children of William and Elizabeth Greene

  • William, b. 1661; m. 1682, Elizabeth Hills.
  • Isaac, b. ----; m. -----.
  • John, b. October 1667; died young.
  • Elizabeth, b. November 1668; died young.
  • Sarah, b. May 11, 1671; m. ----- Webb,
  • John, b. 1672; m. 1699, Isabel Wyman.

Third Generation

WILLIAM 3 (s. William 2, Thomas 1), born in Malden, Massachusetts, 1661; married 1682, Elizabeth Hills, born 1661, daughter of Joseph Hills 2, son of Joseph Hills 1.

There is a tradition that he was killed at Dunstable (now Nashua) by the Indians.


  • William, b. 1683; m. 1709, Sarah Sprague.
  • Benjamin, b. April 28, 1687; m. Christian -----.
  • Nathaniel, b. September 28, 1689; m. April 21, 1713, Elizabeth Sprague.

Fourth Generation

NATHANIEL 4, (s. William 3, William 2, Thomas 1), born in Malden, September 28, 1669; married (1) April 21, 1713, Elizabeth Sprague, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Sprague of Malden; (2) 1735, Mary Stockwell.

He was a member of the church of which Rev. Joseph Emerson was pastor.

He removed to Leicester in 1723, where he received, in 1643, a commission as Captain of the First Foot company, and was frequently called upon to have his Company in readiness to meet the enemy as war had broken out between France and Great Britain.

"Capt. Nathaniel Greene died at Leicester, September 27, 1774, a little after 7 o'clock at night."

Facsimile copy of order to Capt. Nathaniel Greene of Leicester.

Sir, This moment I Received the Governours Express, and pursuant thereto you are Required In his majesty's name on Your utmost Perill to Draw out of Your Milatary Ward twenty-five men completely armed and furnished with Amunition and fourteen Days provision and march them without the Least Dealy to Worcester and from thence to Proceed to Boston a french Invasion being every moment expected. I say fail not at Your Perill. John Chandler, Col.

"Worcester, Sept. 22, 1746.

"Either you or Capt. Whittemore, with two more Commission officers must go, & don't fail."

Directed-- "In his majesty's service, to Capt. Nathl. Greene in Leicester."

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Greene

  • Elizabeth, b. in Malden, Massachusetts, November 3, 1714; m. Benjamin Sanderson, February 8, 1737; she d. at Woodstock, Vermont, August 27, 1801.
  • Winifred, b. July 16, 1716; m. Benjamin Baldwin, April 6, 1749; she d. March 27, 1777.
  • Nathaniel, b. April 16, 1721; m. Tabitha Prentice.
  • Mehitable, b. in Leicester, June 21, 1724; m. Samuel Call, July 15, 1746; removed to Cape Breton; d. July 24, 1795.
  • Phineas, b. in Leicester, July 10, 1728; m. Judith -----.
  • Benjamin, b. in Leicester, May 21, 1731; m. Lucy Warsters, December 10, 1754.

Fifth Generation

Rev. NATHANIEL 5, (s. Nathaniel 4, William 3, William 2, Thomas 1) born in "Charlestown End," now Stoneham, Massachusetts, April 16, 1721, "it being Sabbath day;" married 1748, Tabitha Prentice. He died in Charlton, Massachusetts, March 21, 1791.

"He was a Baptist clergyman and labored in Leicester, Spencer Charlton and Boston churches. He was noted for firmness and decision of character; he was an earnest Christian, and was greatly beloved by a large circle whose spiritual wants had been supplied by his ministrations. He was a strenuous assertor of religious liberty, and did much toward bringing abut that change of public sentiment which resulted later in the entire separation of church and state. His diary, now in the possession of his descendants, show that the churches where he preached were greatly benefited by his faithful labors.


  • Lemuel, b. September 18, 1749; m. Sarah May, 1770.
  • Samuel, b. August 28, 1751; d. September 19, 1782.
  • Tabitha, b. September 18, 1753; d. May 10, 1790.
  • Nathaniel, b. July 7, 11755; m. Esther Bunn.
  • Lydia, b. January 7, 1758; m. Peter Wheelock, 1784.
  • John, b. April 20, 1760; m. Sarah Morey, 1781.
  • Rufus, b. April 10, 1762; m. Keziah Eddy, 1786.
  • Mary, b. June 11, 1764; d. September 12, 1796.
  • Chloe, b. May 16, 1766; m. Adam Wheelock.
  • Ebenezer, b. April 29, 1769; m. Sybil Hitchcock, May 1, 1796.

Sixth Generation

LEMUEL 6, (s. Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel 4, William 3, William 2, Thomas 1) born in Leicester, September 18, 1749; married by his father in October, 1770, to Sarah May; she was born September, 1752, and died June, 1824. He died January 21, 1818.

He was an honest, Christian man; a soldier of the Revolution, and was wounded at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Children, born in Spencer, Massachusetts

  • Polly, b. January 23, 1772; m. in Spencer, John Brown; removed to Ohio.
  • Esther, b. October 26, 1774; m. 1800, Joseph Bennett.
  • Ezra, b. October 8, 1776; m. October 21, 1805, Sally Proctor of Ohio.
  • Anna, b. January 9, 1778; m. in Ohio, John Hoisington of Windsor, Vermont.
  • William, b. October 13, 1780; went to Ohio, probably about 1802, and there m. Deborah Rice.
    She was b. December 24, 1784, in Poultney, Vermont, and d. November 25, 1836, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio.
  • Sally, b. September 19, 1782; m. Arthur Bennett and removed to Ohio.
    She had five sons and two daughters, one of whom married Governor Greiner of New Mexico.
  • Betsy, b. February 23, 1784; died young.
  • Elijah, b. December 10, 1786; m. Chloe Wood of Brookfield.
  • Betsy, b. June 22, 1788; d. June, 1823.
    "She was an excellent teacher, and an excellent lady."
  • James, b. April, 1791; m. (1) Naomi McIntosh; (2) Anna Livermore.
  • Williard More, b. May, 1796; m. 1817, Patty Wood, sister of Elijah's wife.

Seventh Generation

WILLIAM 7 (s. Lemuel 6, Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel 4, William 3, William 2, Thomas 1), born October 13, 1780; removed to Ohio probably about 1802; married Deborah Rice of Rutland, Vermont on April 5, 1807 at Athens County, Ohio. She was born December 24, 1784, and died at Amesville, Athens County, Ohio, November 25, 1836.

Marriage Record

Copy of marriage record of William Green and Deborah Rice,
from the marriage records at the Athens County Court House, Athens, Ohio.

Marie Hibbard, grandaughter of William and Deborah (Rice) Greene, wrote years later:

"Of William Greene, our mother's father, we have very little knowledge. She had no remembrance of him, and knew nothing of the place or manner of his death. The records say only, "He went down the Ohio River on business and was never heard from." In the then unsettled condition of the country and the lack of facilities for carrying news, it is nothing remarkable that word of his death, by drowning or otherwise, failed to reach them. The only souvenir we have of him is a little leather covered pocket Bible containing the following: "William Greene's Book. Bought of Jacob Lindley of Athens, April 24, 1810, price One dollar fifty cents." The name is on a printed clip pasted in, and it would seem from this fact that he probably possessed at least the beginning of a library. The rest of the inscription is written in a beautifully regular and clear hand-writing, upon the fly-leaf at the beginning of the book.

"On the inside of the title-page of the New Testament, in what seems a careless or hastily written hand, is the following: 'June, 1816. this book is a present to Polly Rice Greene, Born June 25, 1809, Ames, Athens County, State of Ohio.'

"From Walker's History of Athens County, Ohio, I find that William Greene was Manager of the famous 'Cook-Skin Library,' the first in Ohio, in 1807, and that his uncle, Ezra Greene, was Director."


  • Mary, or Polly Rice, b. June 25, 1809, at Amesville, Ohio; m. July 30, 1829, Mortimer Dormer Hibbard; she d. Spring Hill, Ohio, September 3, 1868; he d. Wauseon, Ohio, January 12, 1876.

For record of their children,
see Hibbard Genealogy.

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The family of Greene derive their name, originally written de Greene, from their ancient possessions in Northamptonshire, where they were seated as early as the time of Edward the First.

In 1320 Thomas de Greene succeeded to the estates, and was Lord of the Manors of Boughton and Norton, afterwards called Greene's Norton, where the family continued to flourish for several generations, sending offshoots into various Counties.

Boughton, the ancient name was Buketon, is three and a half miles north of Northampton; it was the former of the Earls of Strafford.

In the twenty-seventh year of the reign of Edward Third (1354), Sir Henry Greene, Lord of Boughton Manor, obtained for himself and his heirs the grant of a Fair, to be held yearly for three days, beginning on the vigil of St. John Baptist, the patron Saint of the Parish; and since that time, down to the beginning of the present century, this Fair is said by a local historian to have been "the most celebrated in that part of the kingdom, and resorted to by great numbers for pleasure and business of every description."

In addition to their Manor in Boughton, the family owned estates in Norton at a very early period. This was a Parish in Norton Hundred, in the same County; its name is said by some authorities to have been given from its relative position to King's Sutton (i.e., Northtown and Southtown), another portion of the Saxon royal damesne. The Greene prefix was given from its successive lords.

"Domesday" mentions an extensive wood in this parish, which was doubtless the origin of Whittle-wood, or Whittlebury forest, a portion of which lingered until recent times in Kingthorne Wood."

In the reign of Henry Fifth, 1413-1422, Thomas Greene was Warden of Whittlewood, for an annual payment of Thirty-three shillings and four pence at the Feast of St. Michael, and the Lord of the Manor "held it in capite of the King by the service of lifting up his right hand toward the King yearly on Christmas Day, in what place soever the King is." The royal claim on Norton was the same for centuries as it had been in the days of the Saxon princes. Sir Thomas, the Warden, owned lands in Sewelle and Ashby as well as in Greene's Norton.

In 1353, Sir Henry Greene, Lord Chief Justice of England in the reign of Edward Third, bought the Manor and gave his name to the village.

He was the ancestor of six Sir Thomas Greenes who succeeded each other in the estate without interruption, the last one dying in 1506.

The Chief Justice was interred in the church of his ancestors at Boughton. The last Sir Thomas left two daughters, as co-heiresses; the elder, Anne, married Sir Nicholas Vaux, Baron of Harrowden, and the younger, Matilda, or Maude, married sir Thomas Parr, the father of Queen Katharine Parr, the sixth and last wife of Henry Eighth.

The estate then passed to the crown, but was restored to the blood by a grant from Edward Sixth in 1550, who gave it to "mine honest uncle," Katharine's brother, Thomas Parr.

Henry Eighth also had a high regard for his brother-in-law, whom he called "his integrity."

After the death of Edward, and the second marriage of the late Queen, Thomas fell into disfavor with Mary, but Elizabeth restored a part of his honor; he was marquis of Northampton and a Knight of the Garter. Tradition says that Katharine was born at Greene's Norton, and that she and her brother were buried there. On the death of the later, in 1570, there being no children, the estate again reverted to the crown, and has since been held by various gentlemen.

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Compiled from Visitations, Wills, and Parish Registers.

Sir THOMAS GREENE 1, Knight, Lord of the Manor of Boughton, County of Northampton. Living 1319; married Alice, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Bottesham of Braunston, who died in 1305.

THOMAS GREENE 2, (s. Thomas 1 and Alice) of Boughton, born 1292; member of Parliament for the County, 1323, 1336, 1338, 1343; married Lucy, daughter and heir of Eudo, Lord Zouch, of Harringworth.

Sir HENRY GREENE 3, (s. Thomas 2 and Lucy), Knight, purchased the manor of Norton and Boughton, 1352; Sergeant at Law, 1346; Lord Chief Justice of England, 1353; died 1369; married Catherine, daughter of Sir John, and sister of Sir Thomas Drayton, County of Northampton.

Sir THOMAS GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), Knight, born 1343; died 1391; buried at Norton; married daughter and heir of Sir John Mablethorpe, Knight, of County Lincoln.

Sir HENRY GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), Knight, beheaded vit. patris for attachment to the cause of Richard Second; died September 2, 1399; married Matilda, daughter and heir of Thomas Mauduit of Warminster, County Wilts.

RICHARD GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), left no children.

NICHOLAS GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), left no children.

AMABILIA GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), married (1) Sir Ralph Reynes, Knight, of Clifton Reynes, County Buckingham; (2) Sir John Chetwode, County Bucks. She died 1430.

MARGARET GREENE 4 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Catherine), wife of William, Lord Zouch, of Harringworth and Totnes, County Devon.

RALPH GREENE 5 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Matilda), of Drayton, born 1404; heir to his brother Ralph; died 1432; married Margaret, daughter of Walter Greene of Shropshire, County Middlesex.

THOMAS GREENE 5 (s. Sir Henry 3 and Matilda), from whom it is supposed the Greenes of Dorsetshire and America are descended.

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Family of JOSEPH HILLS of Malden, Massachusetts

The following is copied from Appendix to
"Descendants of Thomas Greene"

by Samuel S. Greene.

First Generation

Captain JOSEPH HILLS 1 was born in England in 1602; he was from Malden in Essex; came to New England as early as 1638; admitted an inhabitant of Charlestown, 1638; admitted to the Church, February 2, 1639; Selectman, 1644; Representative, 1647; Speaker of the House, 1647. We find him in Malden, after the incorporation of that town, in 1649, where he was the principal character and the first leader of the Malden band; Representative of Malden from 1650 to 1656. It is very likely that Malden received its name out of respect to him. He removed to Newbury probably 1664; was Representative of Newbury, 1667; several years Assistant, equivalent to the modern Councillor and Senator; died at Newbury, February 5, 1688, aged 86. He added as "s" to his name to distinguish it from the numerous Hill families in the Colony. He was one of the few lawyers in the Colony; and to him the jurisprudence of the Colony is said to have been specially indebted. Johnson represents him as "Active to bring the laws of the country in order." His name often occurs in legal proceedings.

He married (1) Rose Dunster, sister of Rev. Henry Dunster, first president of Harvard College. She died at Malden, March 1, 1650; (2) Hannah, widow of Edward Mallows, June 24, 1651; (3) Helen Atkinson, daughter of Hugh Atkinson, of Kendall, in the county of Westmoreland, England; (4) Ann, widow of Henry Lunt, 1665.


  • Joseph, probably b. in England; m. November 1653, Hannah Smith.
  • Rebecca, probably b. in England; m. Thomas Greene, June, 1653.
  • Gershom, b. July 27, 1639; m. 1667, Elizabeth Chadwick.
  • Mehitabel, b. January 1, 1641; d. July, 1653.
  • Wait, b.----.
  • John, b.----.
  • Samuel, b.----.
  • Nathaniel, b.----.
  • Hannah, b.----.
  • Deborah, b.----.
  • Abigail, b.----.

Second Generation

JOSEPH HILLS 2, Junior, (s. Joseph Hills1), married Hannah Smith, November 1653. He died at Malden, April 19, 1674. Hannah, his wife, died July 11, 1674. Their children were all born at Malden.


  • Joseph, b. October, 1655.
  • Hannah, b. March, 1657; m. Andrew Grover of Malden, February 7, 1674. Andrew Grover d. April 24, 1674; Hannah, his wife, d. May 30, 1674.
  • Elizabeth, b. 1661; m. (1) 1682, William Greene, b. 1661, son of Captain William Greene of Malden. He died March 21, 1690, aged 29. Elizabeth m. (2) August 25, 1691, Captain John Lynde, son of Ensign Thomas Lynde, son of Deacon Lynde of Charlestown. She d. January 29, 1699.
  • John, b. March, 1666.
  • Dorothy, b. April 13, 1667.
  • Samuel, b.----.
  • Joseph, b. July 3, 1674.

Joseph Hills 2, Joseph Hills 1, Elizabeth Hills 3 Greene, were ancestors of the children of Mortimer and Polly Hibbard.

The "Records of Society of Colonial Wars," gives Joseph Hills, Senior, as Captain of Malden Military Company.

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The Prentice and Prentiss Families

History and Genealogy of the Prentice or Prentiss Family in
New England from 1631 to 1852
collected by C. J. F. Berney, Boston.
Published by the Author, 1852.

This is an old English name. Rymer's Foedera, Volume III, page 730, mentions Thomas Prentiz, A. D. 1318, An. 12, Edward II; also English branches for William de Prentic de Leak, En., 1341.

Pelkington's Derbyshire, London, 1789, Volume II, speaks of Peter Prentiz, member of the House of Commons from Derby, 34 and 35 Edward III, about 1361-62. John Prentiz, a member from Derby, An. 6, Henry IV; of Elizabeth Prentise (variously spelled) who married the Earl of Ferran, A. D. 1778; and Richard Prentiz, Volume VIII, page 294, A. D. 1403, An. 4, Henry IV. John Prentys, Rector of Winterborn, Bradston, August 22, 1713, and Prebendary of York, North Newbold, which he resigned August 22, 1723. and for other early names are in the Great Britain branches.

The name in America is believed to have been originally spelled Prentice (on old records in New England, names of individuals were often written by town clerks, etc., and from their mode of spelling, from the sound of the name. The original Roxbury and Cambridge branches spelled Prentice. Valentine of Roxbury, name was spelled there on the records -tice; but, however, his son, John the "smith" went to New London, Connecticut, that name spelled there Prentis, and is so continued that branch, though some of the subsequent families of it have spelled -ties and -tice.) Some branches since spelled it Prentiss, and some Prentis. In the following pages the names of the different branches are spelled as found, or written by themselves, where known, otherwise written Prentice. Captain Thomas Prentice, of Newton, Massachusetts, wrote -tice, as did Henry, the planter, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some branches in Great Britain yet spelled Prentis and Prentiss but most of them spell Prentice. Many of the younger American branches changed the name from -tis to -tiss, -tice or vice versa; and it is often necessary in tracing one to look at the index spelled each way.

The first one of the name yet found recorded in America was Valentine Prentice who came over from Nazing, Essex County, England, with the Apostle "Eliot" in 1631, with his wife, Alice, and son, John Prentice (another child died on the passage) and settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts. It is supposed that Valentine of Roxbury, Robert of Roxbury, Henry of Cambridge and Captain Thomas of Cambridge and Newton, were in some way connected. The descendants of Valentine, Henry and Captain Thomas will be given in the following pages, and Robert and descendants later on.

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First Generation

HENRY PRENTICE 1, "planter" of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was there before 1640, and probably born in England. He was a member of the First Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1636, whose members were taken and registered in 1658, by Rev. Jonathan Mitchell of that church. He owned lands in Sudbury, Massachusetts, as one of the original proprietors sin the second and third divisions of land there in 1650.

His first wife was Elizabeth ----, who died May 13, 1643, O. S. He married (2) Joane (per Savage). In 1648 he and his wife deeded lands to John Goodnow (Sudbury). Henry Prentice died June 9, 1654, O. S. "Joan, widow of Henry Prentice, and their children, Mary, Solomon, Abiah, Samuel, Sarah and Henry, were all born and baptized in this (First) Church, Cambridge. Joan, widow of Henry Prentice, deceased, was a member in full communion there as was her husband, Henry Prentice."

Henry Prentice was freeman, Cambridge, May 22, 1653.


  • Mary, b. November 24, 1644.
  • Solomon, b. September 23, 1646.
  • Abiah, (dau.) b. July 22, 1648; probably died before 1713.
  • Sarah, b. ----; m. John Woodward; he lived in 1713.
  • Samuel, b. August 3, 1650. Living December 31, 1713.
  • Henry, b. about 1651 or 1652.

Second Generation

HENRY 2 (s. Henry 1) son of Henry and Joan; married July 2, 1682, Mary, dau. of John Gove, who wills, August 28, 1704, to the daughter of Henry and Mary Prentice. About 1675 he and John Watson, of Roxbury, spent two weeks with the Natick Indians by direction of the council to test the religion and faithfulness to the English. They reported favorable on both points.

Children of Henry and Mary

  • John, b. March 6, 1683.
  • Mary, b. January 11, 1684/85; d. May 2, 1685.
  • Mary, b. January 4, 1685/86; d. March 11, 1685/86.
  • Hannah, b. January 19, 1686/87; d. June 3, 1687.
  • Jonathan, b. April 4, 1688; d. May 1, 1688.
  • Sarah, b. April 6, 1689; d. May 31, 1689.
  • Tabitha, b. August 18, 1697.
  • Nathaniel, bapt. December 11, 1698 (minister of Dunstable).
  • Jacob, b. August 18, 1700; d. February 28, 1701.
  • Susanna, b. March 29, 1703.

Third Generation

JOHN 3 (s. Henry 2, Henry 1) son of Henry and Mary, was born March 6, 1683; married January 5, 1704, Mary Smith of Charlestown. He was a member of the First Church of Cambridge.

Children of John and Mary

  • Mary, b. October 8, 1705; bapt. October 14, 1705.
  • John, b. July 18 1708; bapt. July 20, 1708.
  • Henry, b. April 4, 1711; bapt. April 16, 1711.
  • Susannah, b. October 20, 1713; bapt. October 26, 1713.
  • Abigail, b. May 24, 1716; bapt. July 22, 1716.
  • Ishmael, b. September 11, 1718.
  • Smith, Twin of Ishmael, b. September 11, 1718.
  • Lydia, b. March 16, 1721/22; bapt. April 8, 1721/22.
  • Reuben, b. June 14, 1726; bapt. June 19, 1726.
  • Tabitha, b. October 8, 1728; bapt. October 14, 1728.

Fourth Generation

TABITHA PRENTICE 4 (dau. John 3, s. Henry 2, Henry 1) dau. of John and Mary Prentice, was born October 8, baptized October 14, 1728; married Rev. Nathaniel Green about 1748. He was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts, April 16, 1721, and was the son of Captain Nathaniel Green. He lived in Leicester, Massachusetts, many years, where his ten children were born, and died March 21, 1791, aged 70; was a Baptist and "noted for his firmness and decision; an earnest Christian and born evangelical preacher, and beloved of his parishioners." He lived in Charleston.


  • Lemuel, b. September 18, 1749; married Sarah May.
  • Susannah, b. August 16, 1751.
  • Tabitha, b. ----.
  • The other several children unknown.

"Tabitha Prentice Green has a sister Susannah and a daughter Susannah" (a memoir of Rev. Nathaniel Green, by Samuel S. Green, Prof. of Mathematics and Civil Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and by Rev. John A. Vinton, in Vinton Family, page 423, No. 170.

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The Old Henry Prentice House and Clock.

This house stands by the old elm, about 40 rods North of the Washington elm, near Cambridge Common. The house fronts south, in a yard, the east end near the street, which runs by it, to the Botanic Garden. It is now occupied by Elizabeth Bates. the house was built of oak and is in good preservation-- the walls filled in with brick-- the beams passing half way through the ceiling of the room. It is of two stories, about 35 feet in the front, the front door in the center, is time eaten, rooms on each side of the entry-- and from the wide stair case-- two windows in front below, three above. the chimney is a heavy, old-fashioned one, in the center of the house, with a niche in the front at the top. This house was occupied by Deacon Henry, son of Solomon Prentice, Sen., and perhaps by Solomon, Sen., and the first Henry.

Miss Bates says her father bought the house 60 or 70 years since, and it was then over one hundred years old. The old clock there was purchased at a sale of Henry Prentice's effects, by her father, a long time since. It belonged to Henry Prentice's wife. It evidently was made before 1700.

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