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Backus Genealogy

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The following comes from material compiled in 1915 by Marie A. Hibbard and Ellen L. Hibbard. Their sources were not indicated except where mentioned in the text. I hope this material is of some help to others researching this line.

Backus Genealogy

The early records of this large family are uncertain. From the best authorities it appears that William Backus (or Stephen, according to some authorities) came from Norwich, England, and was living at Saybrook, Connecticut, as early as 1637. He was twice married, his two wives being Sarah Charles and Mrs. Anna Bingham (née Stenton). In 1659, he moved to Norwich, in the same state, being one of the first settlers under the leadership of Rev. James Fitch and John Mason. He brought with him three daughters, two sons and a step son, Thomas Bingham. Since the young men were near mature age, and since he had made over his settlement to his son, Stephen, his sons are recorded as first proprietors, and his name does not appear on record as such. He is said (by the consent of others, he being the oldest man) to have given the town its name, from the place in England from whence he came. He died soon after his arrival in the colony being of an advanced age. He was the first Englishman and the second person to die in the settlement.

Children of first marriage.

  • William, Jr., b. ----.
  • Stephen, b. ----.
  • Mary, m. Benjamin Crane, April 23, 1655. She d. July 8, 1717.
  • Daughter, m. John Reynolds.
  • Daughter, m. John Baily.

In Caulkin's History of Norwich, page 158, it says of this family:

"It is interesting to observe how rapidly the settlement advanced in prosperity and comfort. This family, and others, in the course of a single generation, grew strong and luxuriant, throwing out buds and branches of rich and noble growth."

Benjamin Crane 1 and Mary Bacus 2 Crane, were parents of: Jonathan Crane 2 who married Deborah Griswold 4, who were parents of: Sarah Crane 3 who married Nathaniel Hibbard 3.

For descendants of
Sarah Crane Hibbard and Nathaniel Hibbard
see Hibbard Genealogy.

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