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Ewan Addict Updates!

                  ***04/02/00-Finally I am done with my upgrade!!! It was more 
                              work than I thought it would be!  I have added 
                              approx. 100 new pics and they are all separated 
                              into sections according to what movie they are 
                              portraying. I think you will like them!  You can
                              find the links to them on the bottom of the "Pics"
                              I've also made the pics into the form of thumbnails
                              so I can give you slightly bigger pics.  
                              They aren't as big as I would of liked them to be 
                              but it just takes up too much space.  
                              Oh! And in case you haven't noticed (he he) I've 
                              added this new "Update" section!!!
                              Since there was so much done to this sight I may 
                              have accidently looked over something so if you run
                              into snags please tell me so I can fix the promptly.
                              Thanks and Enjoy!  
                  ***01/18/00-I have FINALLY gotten around to working a little on
                              this site!  I have just added a bunch of new facts 
                              to the "facts and filmography" section.  I think you 
                              will get a kick out of a few of them!  
                              Hopefully soon I will be able to add more stuff.
                              Oh! My thanks go out to Erin (again!) for her info
                              for the facts section!  
                 ***01/03/00-As you may have noticed I haven't done much to the 
                              site in awhile now.  The holidays have kept me busier
                              than usual this year but hopefully I will have more
                              Ewan goodies for you soon.  Ewan hasn't been very
                              public lately so things have been hard to come by.
                              Rumor has it though that there are 2 new movies coming
                              out in the next few months that he stars in so that is
                              something we all can look forward to!  I do have some 
                              ideas for you though so please keep checking back!
                 ***11/04/99-Added a new "More Pics" section.  The pics section
                              was getting so full that it was taking FOREVER to 
                              load!  So I decided to make a whole new 
                              far it has a total of 36 pics with more coming soon!