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Write To Ewan!

Soooooo, you want to write to Ewan, eh? Well, these are the addresses that I have came across. The first one I haven't tried yet. The second one I haven't recieved a response from as of now. The third and fourth ones both resulted in autographs, like the one seen on the pics section of my site! Very nice if I do say so myself! You can tell, on each one that they are "for real". The signatures are the same but one is a little larger than the other. Good luck, ya'll! I hope you have the same results that I did! Oh! By the way, guys, don't forget that in order to send to England it requires extra postage! I forgot that little fact and learned the hard way!

Ewan Mcgregor
503/504 Lotts Road
The Chambers
chelsea Harbor
Ewans U.S Agent:

Ewan McGregor
c/o CAA
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212-1825

Ewans U.K Agent:

Ewan McGregor
c/o Jonathan Alteras & Associates
13 Shorts Garden
London WC2H 9AT
Great Britian

Ewan McGregor
c/o JAA
27 Floral Street