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               These are some quotes that I picked up from books and magazines that I own,
               various public web sites, and what people send me.  Some are a little naughty
               so I used a few symbols in place of just coming right out and phrasing them!
               Ewan may be a little naughty but we love him that way! I just don't think 
               Angelfire would appreciate that kind of language!

"I'm just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real lightsaber."--Ewan
"I wasn't interested in school. I got into trouble all the time and they kept saying-Attitude Problem! I was unaware I had one because I had one, and it was starting to embarrass my father."--Ewan remembering his school days

"This is what they mean by 'the long line of McGregors'".--Ewan commenting on the "size" of a certain male....well, you know what he talking about!!!8>)

"I've been waiting twenty years to have my own lightsaber. Nothing's cooler than being a Jedi Knight."--Ewan on The Phantom Menace

"They don't try to frame potted plants in front of my d***, like they do in most other films. I've been naked in almost everything I've been in, really. In fact, I have it written in my contract."--Ewan

"People are incredibly rude about it sometimes,'"Like, 'What? You're married?' Strange reaction to have. Proves what people's ideas about marriage are. 'We're having a baby.' What?' As if it's the end of the world. Of course, it's the start of a brilliant world."--Ewan commenting on peoples reactions when they find out he's married.

"I'm doing my bit for the women's movement. The women have always been naked in movies, an now I'm just desperate to take my clothes off as much as possible."--Ewan on his filming "The Pillow Book"

"The Star Wars movies are way beyond studio pictures. I can't say no."--Ewan

"It was my dream to be up there. When the curtains open and the lights go down and it says 'Ewan McGregor' it's like, 'Yesssss'!"--Ewan on appearing in "The Phantom Menace"

"People have actually said to me, 'May the Force be with you.' I think that's quite batty".--Ewan

"I came in and my wife was with all her mates, and I said, 'I got to work with Artoo Detoo today!' And they all just laughed."--Ewan on his first day of shooting on "The Phantom Menace"

"I remember throughout my childhood in the seventies, he used to come and see us and he'd always look really different from the other people I knew. He had flares on and sideburns and beads and a big sheepskin waistcoat and didn't wear any shoes, and I wanted to be just like him."--Ewan remembering his childhood visits with his Uncle Denis Lawson who played Wedge Antilles in Episodes IV, V, & VI

"Ewan is alway overflowing with energy. He's very spontaneous, very in the moment. That's a rare quality. It's an American's quality."--Liam Neeson (a.k.a. Qui-Gon Jinn)

"Ewan was the clumsiest. Every take, something would fall off his costume or he'd drop his lightsaber."--Nick Gillard-Stunt coordinator for "The Phantom Menace"

"Actually, I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be interesting."--Ewan, on his being casted in "The Phantom Menace"

"I'm still driven. I can't stop it. They keep giving me scripts. Everyone tells me to slow down. F*** Off! Why?"--Ewan

"It's the most secretive thing. I have to sign papers. This guy looked me the eye and said, 'Are you ready?' Then he opened up a briefcase-sized box with eight or nine lightsaber handles. I picked the sexiest one. I realized, I've been waiting twenty years to have my own lightsaber."--Ewan on the secrecy involved around the production of "The Phantom Menace"

"It is sexy, because it represents danger, and a life that most of us wouldn't lead. People either decided to be frightened of things we don't know about, or be excited by them. So on that level it makes sense that it's an attractive look. And I'm wet. It's a wet t-shirt!!! So that's good. We all like a wet t-shirt, don't we?"--Ewan commenting on the popularity of the "Trainspotting" t-shirt that pictures him with his hand hooked under his armpits, wet and shivering.

"It was a bit overwhelming when George [Lucas] said for the first time, 'Okay, now you come into the spaceship and start it up.' We were all suddenly on the floor laughing. 'You start it up?! How do you do that? Is there a key?'". --Ewan commenting on filming a scene for "The Phantom Menace"

"I've always wanted to go to Hollywood, drive big cars and be in big movies. But I hope I won't just do any film to become a star. I just want to carry on working, acting. I don't want to direct or write. I think making films is brilliant. I get excited just going on a film set. Going on location is amazing, hanging about with all these film people doing their thing. If I bump into a star I get all star-struck." --Ewan

"When I met with agents in L.A., they would tell me you had to do two movies for yourself and then two for the business. And I thought, 'F*** Off. No you don't. You do every film because you want to do good work. Because you're interested in making good movies and working with good people. To do a c*appy event movie for a lot of money, like "Independence Day"-I would never taint my soul with that c*ap."--Ewan