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Again (NSYNC) - Six months has passed since Lance walked out of her life, breaking her heart. When he walks back into her life will she be able to forgive him and learn to love him again?

At First Sight (NSYNC) - JC never believed in love at first sight...until he met her.

Broken Promises (NSYNC) - All Tate wanted was for JC to keep one of his promises. Will he finally give her what she wants, or will her lose her forever?

Close Your Eyes (NSYNC) - Lance has to leave to go on tour, but before he goes he decides to show Jaimie just how much he loves her.

Could It Be You? (NSYNC) - Athena was Justin's best friend. They supported each other through everything. Justin just announced his engagement to someone else, leaving Athena devastated. Was he making the right choice, or could Athena be the one he'd always wanted?

Dizzy (NSYNC) - A night out on the town turns out to be a lot more than either Lance or Justin bargained for.

Do You Know What You Want? (NSYNC) - Janet and Chris had always been friends. Now their entire relationship has changed. You know how the saying goes, 'Sex changes everything.'

I Can't Make You Love Me (NSYNC) - Jenna and Joey's affair started out as just a fun little fling. What happens when the inevitable happens and Jenna finds herself falling in love with one of the best known players around?

Iím Already There (NSYNC) - JC leaves his family to go on the road once again.

I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore (NSYNC) - Rachel and Chris had the perfect marriage until the unthinkable happened. Will they be able to save their marriage, or will they let their own fears keep them apart?

Learning To Live (NSYNC) - Three best friends learn the true meaning of friendship and love. (AU)

Leave My Heart Out of This (NSYNC) - Channing always knew she could count on Chris to be her shoulder to cry on. After another horrible fight with her boyfriend, she goes running to him once more. Chris finally tells her how he truly feels about her. Will Channing realize what she and Chris have is something much more powerful than anything she'd ever imaged?

Mourning (NSYNC) - Time after time his family and friends told him she was nothing but trouble. He's just realized they were right....

Never Tear Us Apart (NSYNC) - Three months passed since Jaimie broke the heart of the only man she'd ever love, thinking that what she was doing was the best for him. Lance finally finds out the secret she'd been hiding from him, and comes looking for her. Will he be able to forgive her?

No Place That Far (NSYNC) - Marianne never imaged she'd ever run into Chris Kirkpartrick of the group NSYNC. Sometimes the best things are the unexpected things.

Office Space (NSYNC) - Office romances never work out.....or do they? (AU)

Promise Me You'll Try (NSYNC) - Sylvia just received the most horrifying news, but with Chris by her side she knows she could face anything.

Ready For The Fall (NSYNC) - Kristine Reynolds had just gotten her first big break. She had an interview with the popular guys of NSYNC for her first cover story for Cosmo Girl. On her way to the interview she gets caught in a swarm of fans, causing her to injure her ankle. She is rescued by none other than JC Chasez. From the moment they lock eyes for the first time, they feel an instant connection. What will happen when JC finds out who she really is? Is she there JUST for a story or for something more?

Smile (NSYNC) - Justin thought nothing would ever come between him and Jaimie, till the unthinkable happens. He returns home from filming a movie to find her packing her bags. Will he be able to convince her to stay or will he let her go on her way?

Someone To Watch Over Me (NSYNC) - Jaimie & Lance had the perfect marriage filled with love, respect, and 2 beautiful children. Tragedy took Lance away from them. Two years later, Jaimie was still holding onto the past. Will she ever be able to move on, or will her love for Lance keep her from letting new love in?

The Only Thing That Matters (NSYNC) - Trisha thought nothing would ever come between her and Chris, until he unexpectedly breaks up with her before leaving to go on tour. After a few months on the road all alone, Chris finally realized the only thing that really mattered was her....

The Perfect Storm (NSYNC) - Jaimie and Lance were best friends. As his star slowly began it's rise, Jaimie finds herself being left on the ground watching helplessly. When a terrible storm, brings them together again will Jaimie finally be able to tell Lance how she's really felt about him or will she continue to keep everything inside?

Till The End Of Time (NSYNC) - Justin and the rest of the guys in the group NSYNC are on their way home for Christmas where Justin has a surprise for his girlfriend Nikki.

What If I Said (NSYNC) - Jaimie had been friends with the guys of NSYNC from the very beginning of their career. What happens when feelings begin to turn into more than just friendship? Will their relationships be able to survive?

What My Heart Says (NSYNC) - Shay and Gary were the perfect couple. When Shay met Joey, her entire life changed. Will she settle for a life with a man she doesn't love, or will she finally listen to what her heart says?

When Memories Fade (NSYNC) - Rayne Summers was Americas favorite young actress. She seemed to have everything she could ever have asked for. She had a great movie career, plenty of influential friends, and most of all she was dating one fifth of the most popular group around. What happens when a tragic accident changes her life forever?

When You Told Me You Loved Me (NSYNC) - Ally thought the love between her and JC would last forever. How does she go on when her entire world crashes down around her?

Where Are You Now? (NSYNC) - A movie star and a pop star, living in the public eye where everywhere they turn there's a camera flashing in their faces. How can they be together, when everything else in their lives seems to be tearing them apart?

You Make Me Feel (NSYNC) - Chris thought he and Alyson had the perfect relationship. He was in love, and in his heart he knew she loved him too. Will Chris be able to convince Alyson to stay, when her fears begin to get the best of her?

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