Height: 6'1''

Weight: 248 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Raven Effect

Titles Held: 1x ECW World Champ, 1x WCW United States Champ, 1x WCW Tag Team Champ, 4x ECW Tag Team Champ, 27x WWE Hardcore Champ

Manager/valet(s): Terri

Other Aliases: Johnny Polo

Real Name: Scott Levy

Raven was first brought to the WWF as a manager in 1993, under the name Johnny Polo. He managed guys like Adam Bomb and the Quebecers before he was made a commentator. He left in fall of 1994 and went to ECW, where he repackaged his entire image as a social misfit by the name of Raven. He didn't return to the WWF until Fall of 2000, at Unforgiven, where he helped Tazz beat Jerry "The King" Lawler. He teamed with Tazz over the next few weeks. They participated in the Dudley Boyz Tag Team Table Invitational at No Mercy, but were eliminated. Shortly thereafter, they had a parting of the ways. He had a brief feud with Hardcore Holly. He won the Hardcore Title from Steve Blackman soon after Armageddon.

With the 24/7 rule in effect, Raven traded the belt back and forth with Al Snow, Hardcore Holly and K-Kwik with many title changes not even taking place on television. He took on The Big Show at No Way Out, but the match turned to chaos as several people tried to win the belt. Raven lost it to Billy Gunn, but regained it a few minutes later. The Big Show finally ended the match by pinning Raven and leaving with the belt. Raven regained the belt a few weeks later, but also incurred the wrath of Kane, who had been gunning for the Big Show. The three fought in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania, with Kane winning the Hardcore title. When Rhyno won the belt a few weeks later, Raven challenged him at Backlash, but lost. Raven came into the fans' good graces when he refused an invitation to join the RTC and feuded with them. In July, he joined other former ECW stars and the WCW Superstars to form the Alliance. He beat William Regal at Invasion, and started to team regularly with Justin Credible during the Summer and Fall. Terri left Perry Saturn when his affection turned toward a mop he called Moppy. She joined Raven, and they stole Moppy and put it in a wood chipper. Saturn got revenge by beating Raven at Unforgiven. Raven and Credible participated in the Immunity Battle Royal at Survivor Series, but neither man won.

Raven returned when the WWF roster split occurred, and was drafted to Ric Flair's Raw brand. On the last show with the full roster, he defeated Maven to bring the Hardcore Title to Raw. He lost it to Bubba Ray Dudley, and won it back in brief spurts over the next few weeks, never holding it for more than a few minutes. He became a commentator for Sunday Night Heat, but quit and went back to being a full time wrestler. On a whim, Vince McMahon made a match between him and Tommy Dreamer, where the loser would be banished from competing on Raw. Raven lost, and spent the next few months only on Heat. That only angered Raven, and he started being merciless with people, hurting them just for his pleasure, and referring to some master plan. In the winter, he defeated Dreamer on Heat and per the stipulation, was able to return to Raw.